ScaDialer is a scam lookup platform for phone numbers, emails, and websites. Our team of reporters and the community provide real-time scam and phishing alerts.

Phone: Scammers are using phone numbers to contact prospective victims, impersonate reputable businesses and organizations, and make false promises about promotional deals and services in order to commit fraud. In order for people to be aware of them and lessen their chances of falling for scams, our team and community are keenly observing these phone calls and text scams and reporting them.

Email: In order to commit fraud, scammers send out numerous scam emails using email spoofing. Our community is keeping an eye on the numerous email scams that take place on a global scale. We are also using some API tools and spam snoopers to detect the latest scams.

Website: While we are unable to scan and keep track of every external and internal page for scams, our community assists us in identifying the pages that are sent to victims via SMS and email. According to a recent report, thousands of victims have received phony delivery emails and texts from con artists that contain links to unsafe websites and malware.

Who’s the team behind
Deen Mohd Dar
CEO Deenz
Deen Mohd is a professional web developer who enjoys creating websites that can assist and solve problems. He enjoys creating quizzes for fun and assisting web developers in creating successful websites. He got the idea to start scamdialer after his friend lost everything as a result of a phone scam. Every day, scamdialer serves 10,000 page views and assists potential victims in recognizing and reporting suspicious activity.
18, Wanpora, Shamsipora
Kulgam, Jammu & Kashmir
It was heartbreaking when my friend told me that he had been scammed and had lost all of his money to scammers, so I decided to create an alert system for people to be aware of current scams, which may help people keep themselves safe and avoid being duped.

Deen Mohd Dar


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