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Who is 01315614532 – Expert Analysis

Phone number ( 01315614532) belongs to Ipsos MORI and You might be requested to take part in this telephone survey by Ipsos MORI. Any Ipsos MORI interviewer who calls regarding the survey will have the caller id 0131 561 4532, if you are unsure and feel any suspicious activity call 0808 238 5376 or crimesurvey @ ipsos-mori.com

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  1. I took the survey in 2018, and now they are calling in 2022 about a crime survey, but I do not have the time and do not want to face the risk of a hoax call.

  2. I received a call from this number, which my call filter traced to (Edinburgh, United Kingdom) and marked as spam.
    A woman was speaking on behalf of a market research and opinion polling firm.
    She informed me that she is doing duty as a market research agent for the UK government and that I must answer a few questions. She inquired about my opinions on various departments and I responded without hesitation, but she then inquired about my personal details, which I found suspicious.

  3. It’s a scam caller and it calls a lot of times a day: 0131 561 4532

  4. Ipsos MORI
    spoof call: 0131 561 4532 But they are easy to catch because they use poor English.

  5. This phone number calls me a lot and posses as Ipsos MORI

  6. I received a call from 01315614532 requesting for personal information, thus I assume it is a scam.

    My brother was similarly approached by a research conduct running the firm and became a victim of the scam. So be cautious as someone may use a spoof call to pretend as a legitimate survey company and request personal and financial information.

  7. Caller ID 0131 561 4532 has been flagged as spam by a call blocking app, yet it is a real survey firm. Most individuals disregard this call since they do not have enough time to give anything over the phone.

  8. Ipsos Mori

    What is this number 01315614532?

    The phone number 01315614532 belongs to Ipsos MORI, and you may receive a call from a Global Market Research and Public Opinion Specialist about conducting a survey.

    Is 01315614532 phone number scam?

    Ipsos MORI owns 0131 561 4532, which is a legitimate research study firm in the United Kingdom, thus it is safe to respond to the call.

    Yes, there was a time when fraudsters would trick individuals into completing surveys and other tasks. They were attempting to steal personal information and asking for credit card information.

    Is Ipsos Mori legit?

    Ipsos Mori is a global market research company, so you can confidently supply them with information about any study they are running.

  9. The phone number 01315614532 contacted me at 9 a.m., and a woman wants to conduct a survey on banks and building societies. She also assured me that my personal information would be kept private.

    I instructed him to call me back when I had a free moment. This lady is so kind that she phoned me late at night. I informed him it was not the correct moment to perform survey and hung the phone conversation.

    She could not have called me at this late hour if she was from the government, thus I assume it is a hoax. These sorts of scams exist and act as predators, and you become a victim of fraud when you submit all of the data, including your personal information.

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