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Who is +44 08000521251 – Expert Analysis

This is the official Virgin Media sales team phone number (08000521251), from which Virgin Media calls customers and sends promotional and advertising messages. Official phone numbers are frequently the target of spoofing, so use caution as we have received numerous scam reports for 0800 052 1251.

Phone number 08000521251 is a legitimate Virgin Media phone number, but official phone numbers are targeted by scammers who use spoofing to commit fraud.

Virgin Media contacts customers and sends text messages as part of promotional and account reminders, but never ask for personal information.

Phone Number 08000521251 Legit or Scam

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  1. It is legitimate and used for sales, but some scammers use the phone number to defraud people and are untraceable, so use caution.

  2. Yes, I received it as well, and it posed as Virgin Media customer service. They told me that they have a new offer, and when I refused to take it, they hung. They then called me again, and this time they offered me assistance with my account issue. When I told them that they had recently called me with an offer, they hung up again, and they began sending texts.

  3. It not a scam but a real phone number for Virgin Media. They call like scammers but they never ask for personal information.

  4. If it is not a scam, then how can someone get a call from this number and how do they know I am a customer of Virgin Media? They told me my social security number i think Virgin Media was hacked.

  5. Who is this number 08000521251?

    The phone number 08000521251 belongs to Virgin Media, and if you are a customer, you may receive promotional calls from the sales department. This phone number has been reported as receiving a high volume of advertising spam calls from Virgin Media, making these calls appear suspicious and frustrating.

    How do I know a call from Virgin Media is genuine?

    There is no way for a customer to distinguish between genuine and fraudulent calls. Scammers are often in a hurry to obtain personal information, whereas a genuine Virgin Media customer support representative will never request sensitive information. If you receive a call from any phone number posing as the Virgin Media customer service team and asks about any account-related issue that needs to be resolved immediately, hang up and report it to Virgin Media by calling 0345 454 1111.

    How do I stop Virgin Media sales calls?

    If you do not want to receive virgin media sales calls, log in to your account and go to my profile > my preferences > uncheck the “subscribe for promotional calls” box. You will be immediately opted out of future sales calls.

    How do I contact Virgin customer services?

    If you require assistance with Virgin Media services, please call or text on 0345 454 1111, and you will be connected with Virgin Media customer service. If you have a Virgin Media phone or mobile, dial 150 to reach a customer service representative.

  6. When I need to change my plan or have a question, I send a text message through the Virgin Media website. Virgin Media is a reputable company in the United Kingdom that provides me with a good broadband connection. True, scammers target customers of reputable companies and use spoofing to deceive them. I constantly receive promotional robo calls from 08000521251, but they are all about my account and plans.

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