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Phone number 08006404999 belongs to DWP – Universal Credit. We have received complaints of spoof calls claiming to be from Universal Credit and requesting personal information, so be cautious when answering the call..

Phone Number 08006404999 Legit or Scam

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  1. Yes, I received a fake call today that requested personal information. When I called the DWP help line, they informed me that they never request sensitive information.

  2. This phone number is legitimate, and the individual I spoke with earlier did not engage in spam.

  3. Kerty Wilson
    From which phone number will DWP or Jobcentre contact you.

    As we have verified with the department, you may receive a call from 0800 023 2635 and they do not ask for any sensitive information.

    Why am I getting a call from DWP?

    If you have applied for Universal Credit, the DWP department may contact you for any verification-related inquiry. Before they call you, they will send a text notification.

    Is there any kind of scam related to DWP?

    Yes, scammers can pretend to be from the DWP verification department and may ask for personal information. They also ask for you to send payment of your application fee to get approved, so be alert and never share any details.

  4. I also received a call from +44-800-640-4999 and I provided my personal information because it looked like a legitimate phone number, so what to do if my personal data got exposed to scammers.

  5. This is a scam call because it is a robo call from 08006404999 in which a scammer is requesting a call back to raise a claim. I have already received an alert from the government about these types of scams, so folks, be alert and do not provide any personal information without verifying the call.

  6. Denver tot

    I think it is not a scam, because when I requested a call back from DWP i received a call from 08006404999. I provided all the details, but I am still in confusion about whether it was a real phone number. When I contacted DWP they told me that they could not determine whether this phone number belongs to them or not, but they have registered a complaint and i am waiting for a reply.

  7. Sara debler

    After reading this, it helped me from getting scammed. I received a missed call from 08006404999 and when i tried to dial the number it was busy, but after a few hours I again received a call from this number and a woman with an African accent told me to verify my personal information and they needed to raise a Universal Credit claim. I told her to call me back after an hour, and she hung up. I started searching for the phone number and found it was a scam and a spoof call.

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