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Who is 08007613362 – Expert Analysis

The phone number 08007613362 is posted on the official Sky website, but scammers may utilize spoof calls to pose as Sky customer service representatives. Scammers may request personal information, so be cautious and avoid providing important information over the phone.

Who called me from 08007613362?

Sky’s 08007613362 phone number is their official one, as indicated on their official website. Scammers may call you from this number using a spoofing method and may pose as members of the Sky sales and services team.

Does Sky call and ask for personal information?

No way, Sky never contacts clients by phone or sends unsolicited messages, and  never asks for personal information. When contacted by Sky and asked for personal information, hang up and report the call as a fraud to Sky by calling (07537402595 )

How to stop calls from 08007613362?

If you are a Sky client, you could get marketing-related calls, emails, and text messages. If you wish to stop getting calls  from this number, call Sky at (07537402595) and ask them to remove your phone number from their promotional subscription list.

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  1. I’ve received several calls from this number that I didn’t answer, but I’m going to block it because I believe Sky no longer owns this phone number.

  2. I do not have an account with the company, and they phone me several times every day with a spam marking. I contacted them, and they informed me that someone had opened an account with my phone number and that I will be removed from the call list, but I was still receiving calls.

  3. Charlie Leamon

    Scam call from a fraudster claiming to be from Sky asking for feedback on new goods that I have never used or ordered.

  4. They call you and ask for personal information, so SKy is not a responsible company because their calls appear to be scams and are filtered as spam by call blocker applications. I received a call from this phone number as well, but my call blocking app flagged it as spam and blocked it.

  5. Cleveland

    This number is calling frequently and needs to be reported to the company so that they can change the policy for advertisement calls.

  6. Yes, it is listed on the SKy website, but it looks like a clear scam.

  7. My friend was new to Sky and when a month passed, he received a lot of calls from this phone number. He called Sky for this issue, and Sky told him that he would not receive calls in the future, but he is still receiving calls.

  8. Gulgowski

    This is Sky’s official phone number, and I always receive calls and texts from +44 800 761 3362. But yes, I recall receiving a call from this number, thinking it was related to my Sky account, but a man with an Indian accent and poor English told me that my Sky account would be terminated unless I provided credit card information. I hung up the phone and dialed the number again, and there was a real Sky customer support representative talking, so I told him about it, and he told me it was a scam, and they used spoof to call you from the same number.

  9. Yes, it is the (08007613362) official Sky phone number, and I used to call it when I was a Sky subscriber. I continually receive promotional texts and calls from this phone number after I stopped using Sky services. I’ve already requested that Sky not contact my phone number, yet they continue to call and leave voicemails and SMS messages.

  10. Robinson Ret

    I received a call from the 08007613362 phone number, and someone posing as a member of the Sky UL Limited sales staff asked for personal information, including my secret account password.

    As I already know, the phone number for Sky Uk Limited’s sales team is 08007613362, which is also stated on their website, and I know that Sky Uk Limited is a legitimate company that does not call like a spammer. A trustworthy company could contact for promotional purposes exclusively; nevertheless, they would never ask for personal information.

    I was informed that the call came from an Indian scammer using a spoof technique, but how is it possible to call people using a company’s phone number with such ease?

  11. Sky’s sales team uses the phone number +44 800 761 3362, and they call like spammers. Sky is a nice company generally, but I believe they should not call in this manner.

  12. Jones Hill

    Even though I don’t have a Sky subscription, I have gotten calls from this number, therefore I can confirm that it is a spoof call being used as a VOIP means to target Sky consumers.

    Sky has already published an article on this scam and is also aware of it.

    I advise not giving out any critical information over the phone. Be cautious while answering strange phone calls since fraudsters sometimes use tricks to deceive people.

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