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Caution: We’ve received reports from users about a brand-new scam where the con artist poses as PlayStation customer service and requests free gift delivery of a product.

Scammers are calling from unknown phone numbers and pretends to be from PlayStation customer service, using spoofing techniques.

Spam #1: Free Gift From PlayStation

They first send you an SMS informing you that the product has been processed, and then they call you directly to confirm the address. If you choose to cooperate with the scammer, you will be asked to pay a $1 document fee immediately by providing information about your credit card.

Scam #2: Link to a Fake PlayStation Website

Scammers are creating a PlayStation clone website that mimics the real PlayStation website and sends advertising messages.

Get a 99% discount on a PlayStation 5 console, but act quickly because the deal ends soon. URL for a fake website

This link directs the user to a bogus website where the item is already listed with an attractive price. When the user starts using his credit card on that website, he becomes the victim of a scam.

If you have also received calls from the number 1-800-345-7669 and you have reason to believe that there has been suspicious activity, please file a report.

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  1. I received a text message from this number claiming that I had won a PlayStation 5 and that it was scheduled for delivery. It also included a link to a fake USPS website where I could enter my fake address and click the next button to be taken to another page where I would have to enter my credit card information to pay the $1.99 delivery fee. At this point, I stopped and checked the url bar to see that the website was a scam.

  2. You won a PS5 press 1 to enter the delivery address

  3. I received a robocall from a legitimate PlayStation phone number claiming that I had won a prize and to press 1 to provide the delivery information.

  4. Your phone number has won a PlayStation 5, so press 1 to speak to our agent and schedule delivery. Pressing 1 will connect you to a fraudster representative who will ask for your name and address before demanding payment for delivery, which may be $1 or $2. It may feel nice, but if you gave the fraudster your credit card information, they may now withdraw all the money, so you won’t only lose $1 or $2; you will lose everything.

  5. Scam robo call from this number

  6. When I checked my transactions this morning, I discovered a transaction that I had not yet completed that was listed as Playstation-1-800-345-7669. As a result, when I googled the number, I found the Playstation phone number. I called this number and informed them of the transaction. They warned me that my credit card may have been compromised or that a member of my family may have used it.

  7. Yes, it’s a scam, and I’ve received calls from this number asking for personal information, so beware guys.

  8. I was called by 1-800-345-7669, and when I answered, a voicemail said, “You have won a precious gift from Playstation. To get it delivered in your door steps, we need your address and name. Please call this number and claim this gift.” At first, I thought it might not be a scam, but after looking up this number on Google, I discovered this page and assumed my suspicions were unfounded.

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