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  1. James Flo

    Both myself and my neighbors have been contacted by this number and they told me to update my shipping address as they are not able to locate my address listed in the account information. I told them to hold on as I was talking to my mom about this, and she told me to hang up because it might be a scam.

  2. I received a call “from” this number, but the caller pretty quickly didn’t sound like a bonafide rep and didn’t have my name or other information about me (and the account is under my wife’s name anyway). Claimed my account had been breached in some way and that they had tried to contact me (but no sign of that), then they started asking me for my zip code. I hung up.

  3. I’ve used this number many times to contact Verizon, but today I received an odd call from it, which is a robotic voice claiming that my Verizon account will be suspended unless I call another number.

  4. Yes, it is Verizon, and scammers are calling from 800-837-4966, claiming the suspension of a Verizon account and providing a call back number.

  5. Mills Asde

    Got a call from this number to verify charges on account. Caller ID said it was Verizon Support. I hung up right away and dialed the number by hand and did not do a callback. They said they never call you and that it wasn’t them that called me. Someone is using their number and caller ID to scam people into pushing buttons on the phone to verify charges. I don’t think it matters as you will probably receive a large phone charge from out of the country on your bill. The scammers are getting better.

  6. It is not A scam phone number
    I always call this number and get help from Verizon whenever I have a problem. Scammers can use any phone number and contact anyone with any type of identity, and unfortunately, 100 out of every two individuals fall victim to these scams, so be cautious and do not answer calls claiming to be from Verizon customer service and asking for personal information.

  7. Best Answer

    Verizon is a good company with good customer service, however unfortunately scammers are targeting these huge companies and scamming individuals by pretending to be Verizon representatives.

    Many people are duped and become victims of stolen credit cards and personal information. One thing I don’t understand is how scammers obtain phone numbers from Verizon consumers, despite the fact that it has already been stated that “scammers target Verizon customers.”

    Actually, I am an Amazon customer, and I do receive these calls, particularly from Indian scammers, but I often worry who my phone number and name could have been leaked to scammers.

    Large corporations should always endeavor to protect user information so that scammers do not obtain our personal information.

  8. Anonymous

    Yes, it is safe to call Verizon, and if you are a Verizon client, you will be assisted with any issues you may have encountered.

  9. Anonymous

    Verizon has also reported receiving scam calls from this and other numbers, as well as some of its customers being defrauded by unsolicited SMS. If you are a Verizon client, you should be cautious and avoid disclosing personal information such as your social security number or credit card information.

  10. This answer was edited.

    Does Verizon call you from 1-800-837-4966?

    Yes, Verizon will contact you if you require any type of important information as a customer.
    If you have ordered something from their store, they may contact you to confirm your order.
    They may also contact you if there is an issue with your ordered item.

    They also call clients who have requested a call back through their website.

    Verizon does not request any personal information or financial information over the phone. If there is a payment issue, Verizon will never ask for credit card information over the phone and will instead direct you to their official website, which is secure and safe.

    Scammers are targeting Verizon customers >
    Recent user reports indicate a rise in scam calls from scammers targeting Verizon customers. One Verizon client received a message from +1 954 451-2514 and was informed that his account would be suspended if he did not respond as soon as possible.
    Scammers attempt to obtain personal information from you, such as your social security number and bank account number.
    These also send some alert messages that appear legitimate, but they are utilized as a trap, so do not answer and report any suspicious call or SMS by dialing the official customer care number, 18008374966.

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