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The number +1-800-869-3557 is issued to Wells Fargo. Scammers are using spoofing techniques to pretend to be Wells Fargo employees and request personal information in order to commit fraud.

Received a call from 800-869-3557, share your experiences with the community.

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  1. Comte Hil

    There is a 4,000 transaction in my Wells Fargo account, and if you have not done this transaction, push 1; if you have done this, press 2. I hit 2 and the call was disconnected. After an hour, I received another call from the same number with the same automatic message: your account has suspicious activity, so your account has been restricted, press 1 to speak with a support agent, and I hung up. I have a mortgage loan with the bank but no savings account with them. The phone number is legit but i think it was a spoof call.

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    According to the caller, I withdrew $4000, however I do not have an account with this bank.

  3. Your account has been blocked for access due to unusual activity in your account. To unlock your Wells Fargo account, please visit this website. ( Link removed ) i have not visited the website and i know it is scam.

  4. I received an automated voice call stating that my Wells Fargo account has been banned for access; please visit this website to regain full access. Denwellsfargo.com and I visited the website and it appears to be a duplicate of the Wells Fargo website. There are some form fields with your name, credit card number, and CVV. Thus, it is a complete fraud, do not fall victim to this. They also included my name in the robo call, therefore I believe Wells Forgo has recently data breaches, so be wary as fraudsters will target any account holder.

  5. Does Wells Fargo send text messages?

    Customers may get essential account activity notifications from Wells Fargo. Wells Fargo also sends SMS notifications when you conduct transactions, transfer and receive payments.

    Wells Fargo never sends unsolicited text messages and never requests personal information. Scamers may target clients and send unsolicited SMS messages about bank transfers, lone approval, promotions, and rewards, but these are all frauds, so be cautious.

  6. aman wills

    What phone number is 800 869 3557?

    If you require assistance with Wells Fargo services or if you are experiencing problems with any payment-related services, please contact us1 800 TO-WELLS  (1 800 869 3557).

    If you receive a call from the 800 869 3557 phone number, do not answer since Wells Fargo does not call customers or request personal information.

  7. Does Wells Fargo call you?

    No, Wells Fargo does not call or send unsolicited messages to consumers. If you receive a call from this number that asks for a promotional offer, lone approval, or account blocking, hang up and contact +1-800-869-3557 to report the fraud.

  8. Jabade Gert

    Who called you from +18008693557 (8008693557)

    Wells Fargo owns phone number +18008693557, however fraudsters can use spoofing to contact you from the same number in order to commit fraud. Customers had previously been informed by Wells Fargo that they do not call and request personal information.

    Wells Fargo has also warned consumers about frauds using faked calls from the 8008693557 phone number, so if you receive a call from this number, contact +1-800-869-3557 immediately and report any fraudulent activity.

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