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Who is 877-430-2355 – Expert Analysis

Straight Talk’s customer service number is 1-877-430-2355, but some users have reported receiving suspicious calls and texts from this number. Scammers are calling or texting from Straight Talk’s official customer support number and posing as an official Straight Talk employee using spoofing technology.

Straight Talk’s advises you to be cautious of phishing scams, whether they come in the form of a call or a text message. Scammers are sending texts with offers for products, debt collection, and threats regarding account suspension.

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  1. This is Straight Talk customer service number but they never respond

  2. They never return calls and hang up if the problem is not resolved.

  3. Jonson Dem

    It is already obvious that Staright Talks is not to blame for the scam because anyone can spoof any phone number, but there are some easy steps you can take to avoid falling for it.

    First, always keep in mind that con artists demand personal information.

    Second piece of advice: Scammers speak quickly and with poor English, making it difficult for you to hear their errors in word pronunciation. 80% of con artists are foreigners, like those from India.

    Third advice: Beware of eye-catching offers made by con artists, such as “you won a prize,” “get a product free,” etc. They want to commit fraud, so their only goal is to request bank and credit card information.

    Fourth tip: Scammers will impersonate any legitimate company and request a conversation about an unpaid bill, an account issue, or a free gift.

  4. I always call Straight Talk at 1-877-430-2355 whenever I have a data problem because it is a real phone number. Yes, I do recall Straight Talk sending text messages to its customers in 2021 warning them about phishing scams. So, exercise caution as this may be a new type of scam in 2022.

  5. Yes, I recently received a call from the 1-877-430-2355 phone number, and my caller identification app identified the caller as safe.

    I was informed that I had been chosen as one of Staright Talks’ top customers and that I had won a gift worth $3,000, but that I would need to provide bank account information in order to receive the money.

    I informed him that I needed hard cash and did not have a bank account because I was already aware of the scam, and he hung up the phone and hung up for good.

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