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Who is calling from 800-236-4300

Toll-free: (800) 236-4300 is the Great Lakes customer support phone number.

Beaware of Spoof Calls Great Lakes is one of the largest student loan servicers in the United States and has been a popular target for scammers. Scammers call, text, or email customers, posing as debt collectors for the Great Lakes.

What is a student loan scam?

If you have received a student loan from any agency, you should be aware of the student loan scam. Scammers prey on lone borrowers and may request a discussion about any issues with your student account, such as verification, loan forgiveness, and renewal questions. Some lone browsers are unaware of this type of scam and fall victim to it, losing money and personal information.

Does Great Lakes call you regarding debit?

After contacting Great Lakes, we were told that they do call customers regarding any important notifications related to student loans, but they never ask for any personal information such as a credit card, social security number, or address.

Additionally, they have stated that they do not demand the elimination or reduction of student-led debate.

Is student loan forgiveness a scam?

If you received a call from an unknown number asking for assistance with forgiving your student loan alone and demanding a sizable discount payment, do not succumb to the pressure. Scammers target loan browsers by promising a 90% discount in exchange for a small fee and sending payment links via email and SMS.

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  1. They claim they have begun a debt forgiveness program and to benefit from it press 1 to get enrolled. It is some debt collector, but they have not mentioned that it is Great Lakes.

  2. I believe it to be a scam. In my case, a woman with an Indian accent called and claimed I had won a gift from Amazon and needed to give my shipping address to get it delivered. Caller id is 800-236-4300

  3. Because I have a late payment, they keep phoning me.

  4. They will ask for your SSAN if you dial this number, so be cautious and don’t disclose anything.

  5. It is the official phone number for Great Lakes, but some con artists may spoof calls and pose as Great Lakes, so the only thing you need to remember is to not give them any personal information. Great Lakes will never request your personal information or bank information.

  6. This answer was edited.

    Phone number is in the official website contact us pageGreat lakes customer care phone number

  7. Yes, there are scams around, but this number is legitimate. However, most loan barrowers are already in a hurry to clear the debatable amount, so when the scammer calls about the forgiveness, they provide all the details that the scammer requires to scam them out.

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