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CareCredit is a provider of healthcare financing. If you have debts and need debt consolidation, they may contact you. Please keep in mind that CareCredit never asks for quick debt settlement or personal information.

We have received reports of spoof calls from the unknown phone numbers, pretends to be from Financial/CareCredit debt collector and request payment of the debt. Some reports indicate that they request quick settlement of the debt and personal information.

The majority of people who received calls from 18002927508 have no connection with Care Credit and do not owe any debt to the company. Scammers use spoof calls to make random calls to people, and occasionally they reach a Care Credit customer.

Customers with Synchrony CareCredit should be cautious and report any suspicious calls.

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  1. eli Aaron

    I paid for my wisdom teeth extraction with this card over 5 years ago, and I was able to pay off the balance within a few months. However, they continue to call me daily from the number 18002927508, leaving me helpless. I therefore called the Care Credit customer service line at (866) 893-7864. They claimed that they may have called to inquire about your intentions to use it in the future. They cautioned against phishing emails and spoof calls as well.

  2. This is a debate collection of my unpaid bill, which I intend to pay, but they will call you throughout the day and send robo messages saying “you have 245 debt in your account to maintain a good credit score, please pay the instalment as soon as possible.”

  3. Milton Herry

    When you receive a call from a debit collection agency, always listen to them as they may have important information about your account, but if you feel suspicious, never share your information and always report it to Care Credit via their website or email. Debt collectors can call from any number, including VOIP phone numbers, which reduces their expenses. There are some distinctions between scammer calls and legitimate calls.

    1. Scammers always make a large promotional offer, such as “pay $30 only from your debt balance of $200 USD.”
    2. Scammers always require personal information, such as credit card numbers.

    3. Scammers use robo-calls and software applications to make random calls to thousands of potential customers, and they occasionally reach the intended recipient.

    Is this a legitimate call from a debt collector?

    1. Debt collection agencies never call like spammers and send reminders via robo-calls to only the targeted customers because they do not want to waste their time calling non-existing customers.

    2. They will never request personal information because they do not need it and already have it.

  4. I keep getting calls, but I have no debt with Care Credit.

  5. Even though I don’t have a card with this company and owe nothing, phone number 18002927508 keeps calling me and acting like a con artist. They made an effort to persuade me to divulge personal data.

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