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Who called me from 8003749700? ( Expert Analysis )

Phone number 800-374-9700 is the legitimate customer service phone number of Citibank, but scammers are using spoofing techniques to call you from any phone number and pose as Citibank, making the phone number appear legitimate.

800-374-9700: Customers of Citibank can call this number to report scams and fraud. Scammers target well-known financial institutions and use a variety of methods to commit fraud. Customers of Citibank have been among the top financial institutions targeted by these scammers in recent fraud monitoring.

How do scammers commit fraud?

The Citibank customer may receive a phone call from any unknown phone number pretending to be from Citibank and may attempt to discuss issues with their Citibank account before the scammers ask for personal and credit card information.

They may also leave a voicemail requesting a call back to discuss “your Citibank account.” These phone calls will be made in the thousands, with at least a few of them reaching actual Citibank customers. We have already received reports of calls from people who do not have any Citibank accounts.

How to identify and report fraud

If you receive a call from any unknown number or from (+18003749700 ) that appears to be from Citibank and requests personal and credit card information, hang up and report it to Citybank customer service, and inform them of the suspicious call from a scammer.

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  1. James Bol

    They assert that I have a $1498 transaction on my account and that I must contact a con artist about it.

  2. The same voice message, “There is a charge of $1299 from your City Bank account. If you have not done this, press 1,” will be repeated until the scam is exposed. This phone number is published on the City Bank website as a fraud prevention and reporting phone number, but it has become a haven for scammers, and I believe they steal a lot of money using it.

  3. Voice message: “There is $1498 charge on your account.” This is a complete scam, and I believe that Citibank was hacked in 2022 by con artists. I’ve been a customer of City Bank for the past four years, and I’ve never received a call like this from a phone number that belongs to the bank.

  4. Legitimate businesses never call like this, never ask for a call back, and never ask for account numbers. The phone number 800-374-9700 is legitimate, but scammers can spoof any caller id.

  5. I received a voicemail about fraudulent activity in my City Bank account, but I do not have a City Bank account.

  6. A person with poor English posing as Citibank fraud monitoring department told me there is a $200 transaction that was initiated by an unknown person and that I need to verify details before this amount can be credited back.

  7. I am a Citybank customer, and I always receive texts and voicemails from this phone number whenever I make a transaction. However, today I received a text in which I found $ 200 deducted from my account, and it stated that “call 1800675453 if this traction is not done by you,” so I dialed this number, and I heard a robocall. “We appreciate your calling Citi cards and servicing Citi and AT&T Universal card accounts.” “Press one for English assistance.” “For quality assurance purposes, this call may be monitored and recorded.” It will then prompt you to “speed up the handling of your call by entering your 16-digit account number.” As a result, it appeared suspicious and hung the phone call.

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