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Charlotte, NC, United States

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Who is 800-432-1000 – Expert Analysis

Bank of America owns the phone number 800-432-1000, and bank of America clients can contact this number to report fraud. Some customers have experienced spoof calls claiming to be from Bank of America and asking for personal information, so never provide your personal information even if the phone number appears legitimate.

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  1. This phone number belongs to Bank of American but i have received spoof call from this number with a poor guy who want to get my credit card number and want to buy a pizza for his family.

  2. It is a phone number of Bank of America, but they told me they never call customers, thus it is a robo call reminder for my credit card, and it is a fraud.

  3. Scammers may use spoofing techniques and call using the 1800-432-1000 number, which may appear to be a legitimate Bank of America phone number. Be cautious and avoid falling victim, since scammers may ask you for personal and financial details.

  4. +18004321000 it is scam call from a con artist

  5. Robo call from +18004321000 it is scam and asked to discuss some issues with the bank

  6. Total fraud call, they called me twice from 18004321000 and said they needed to verify my information before they could unlock my account because there had been suspected activity. When I asked how to verify my information to unlock it, they told me to give them the last four digits of my credit card, but when I did, they said they couldn’t verify the details and I had to give them all the numbers on the credit card along with the CVV number.

    So I came to the conclusion that it was a scam because if a bank official cannot confirm my details, they are not from the bank and are con artists. When they called me again after I hung up the phone, I completely misspoke and threatened to report them to the police. He then harassed me and threatened to close my account.

  7. James Hart

    Yes, it is a fake call from fraudsters, and they mostly target Bank of America clients. In the past, Bank of America warned consumers about this scam, and they continue to provide notifications to customers by SMS. The majority of clients are unconcerned and fall victim to these frauds.

    8004321000 is official phone number of bank of America but scammers are using spoof technique to call from this number and it may look legitimate.

  8. Police were notified of the call, and they confirmed that it was from Bank of America. They will file a complaint against the bank, but if it was a spoofed call, Bank of America is not at fault.

  9. total scam asking for credit card information and blocked for further calls.

  10. I recently opened a Bank of America account, and today I received a call from the number 8004321000. I feared my account could be having some issues. When the scammer asked for my credit card number after I had already given him all of my information, I became suspicious that the call might not have been legitimate. I hung up the call, but he kept calling. When I emailed Bank of America, they responded that the call was a fraud and that they never phone customers with inquiries of any kind.

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    This phone number is given on the Bank of America website’s contact us page, but Bank of America does not call clients from this number. You can acquire these kinds of services by dialing this number.
    General account information
    Lost or stolen ATM or debit card
    Opening an account
    Call 18004321000 if you need any information regarding your bank account.
    If you have received a call from this number, especially if the caller asks for any personal information, it is a fraud and a scam call from a fraudster.

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