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The phone number 1 800 463 3339 is a legitimate Fedex phone number, and you may receive voice messages and SMS notifications about the progress of your shipment. There have also been reports of spoof calls from (800-463-3339) caller id pretending to be FedEx representatives and requesting personal and financial information. If you receive a suspicious call from a phone number that claims to be from FedEx, report it.

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  1. This is Fedx calling and if your parcel has arrived at main office they will send your a reminder about the package so that you will be able to pick it up from the office or a delivery boy can reach you at correct address you provided in the shipment address. you can also get a call from this number if there is any problem while locating your address especially if you misspelt your home address so do not worry and if you believe it might be a spoof call them ignore it and fedx delivery boy will contact you from his personal phone number.

  2. Bernard Res

    Received text from this number with fake tracking code and fake FedEx website url

  3. Theodore Kop

    is it really Fedex and it i think it is not legit and they call about my parcel for which i am waiting for so long

  4. I received a call from this number today, but since I don’t recall having any packages that aren’t yet delivered, I didn’t pick up the call. However, they called me again today, and this time I answered because I thought something important might be going on. This call was a robocall, and it said that my package had been stopped, and that I needed to call a phone number that I had forgotten to remember 

  5. They want to tell me the ideal time to have the box delivered to my house, but they also want me to pay the delivery fee over the phone. I’m not sure if this is a scam or a legitimate call from FedEx.

  6. 18004633339 FedEx Canada and I verified with the FedEx officials that it is automatic customer service for reminders thus it is real, but if it requests a call back then it is a scam.

  7. Jefferson M

    I received an automated voice message instructing me to pick up the box from the FedEx office, but before it, call back given unknown number. “Your delivery has arrived at the Fedex office, but before you get it, please call back at 822 322 4353.”

  8. Barrett A. Gault

    It is a FedEx phone number, and they call as if they are spammers.

  9. Ted D. Anderton

    FedEx is accountable for this form of fraud; unusually, only active FedEx customers have been contacted by these scammers. My brother lost money, and if I hadn’t helped him, he might have lost all of his money.

    FedEx sells our personal information to scammers, and scammers target customers based on their FedEx order status. I’ve been receiving emails and texts from (1800-463-3339) regarding this scam for the past three days, but it’s too late for my brother.

  10. Terry D. Ripley

    It is FedEx, and everyone knows it, yet scammers phone from this number and request a delivery fee. I also received such a call from another number, and they informed me that my order had been halted because there was a delivery fee that needed to be charged prior to dispatching the parcel, so I went to the FedEx office, and they informed me that they do not charge such a delivery fee, and if there is, it will be collected through the official website rather than over the phone.

  11. Yes, I received a call from 18004633339, and there was a guy with very poor English who was unable to ask for a credit card until I told him if they needed a card for a payment, to which he replied yes, and then I hung up. When I dialed the same number again, it was FedEx, but the call did not connect. I called the official phone number, and they said they don’t have any records of the call, and they use the number to send urgent notifications, and it’s a robo call with no human involvement. Always be cautious, as scammers can use my phone number to call anyone.

  12. Who owns the phone number 18004633339?

    FedEx customer service can be reached at 18004633339. FedEx also uses this phone number to give delivery status and tracking information alerts to its clients.

    Is it true that scammers target FedEx customers?

    It is called the FedEx “fake delivery” scam in which scammers send delivery SMS notifications to victims requesting personal information and money, and unfortunately, some people get caught and lose money.
    People have also reported receiving calls from 18004633339 claiming to be FedEx agents, requesting delivery of an item, and demanding payment for the delivery. However, it is unclear whether the scammers are using spoofing technology or other kinds of technology.

    What does FedEx say about this type of scam?

    After contacting FedEx and informing them of the scam, they stated that FedEx has already alerted customers about it through social media, SMS, and emails.
    “FedEx does not send unsolicited SMS, email, or phone calls to clients asking for personal information or money. If you receive similar texts or calls, please report them to abuse @ fedex.com or contact 18004633339.”

  13. They left a voice message telling me that I needed to pay $150 in customs and that I needed to call an unknown number right away to pay it, so I suspect it’s a scam, but I already have an order in place, and it hasn’t shipped yet. They also did not provide a tracking number or any other information about the order.

  14. It is a legitimate phone number for FedEx, but I also received a spoof call.

  15. I am constantly receiving text message notifications about my FedEx shipment, and if there is a problem with delivery, they call me from this number. I am aware that there are scammers who use spoof calls and pose as FedEx. I recently received notification about this scam from the government, but not from FedEx. After checking their website, I discovered that FedEx is also aware of this scam and is sending mass SMS to customers to inform them of it. People can easily identify such scams, so if anyone asks for personal or payment information, hang up and report it to FedEx.

  16. Scammers are quite skilled at posing as legitimate businesses.
    If you have been called by a scammer, his or her caller id may not be the same as (1800-463-3339), but it may be similar to this phone number and appear legitimate, and you have no way of determining if it is legitimate or not.

    There are numerous apps that claim to identify scammers, but they are all community-based and work most of the time, but they cannot determine whether a VOIP call is legitimate or not.

    Installing a scam identify app is a requirement, and if the app cannot identify the number, you should not trust it because company phone numbers are already listed, so if the firm calls you, the call identify app will notify you.

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