18004838314 – claims to be from correctional facility?

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Global Tel Link owns phone number 18004838314, which is used for GTL AdvancePay, an automated telephone system that allows users to open accounts and make credit card deposits.

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  1. Jasmen Ian

    As far as I can remember, no one is in custody, so I believe someone has given out the wrong number. Some unknown person is calling my number and trying to collect money.

  2. The 800.483.8314 phone number is a legitimate GTL phone number for correctional facilities and is part of GTL’s prepaid collect option, AdvancePay®, which allows family and friends to set up a calling account for their phone number without the restrictions of a standard bill.

    If you know that someone is in jail and would like to speak with you, you may receive a call from 8004838314; if you do not want to set up an AdvancePay account, ignore the call. GTL’s complete information is available here.

    Because you stated that they request credit card information over the phone, you are correct. If you are hesitant to provide sensitive information, you can use their online service to set up an account at ConnectNetwork.com.

    Always be cautious because the phone number may be used by scammers by using spoofing techniques, so it is a good idea to call GTL customer service at 877-1650-4249 and if you need to set up an Advance Pay account, use their online portal ConnectNetwork.com.

    Scammers may also take advantage by sending text messages in which they request the creation of an Advance Pay account and provide a link to a scam website in which they request financial information, so be cautious and always do some research before using your credit card.

  3. I received a phone call from 18004838314 purporting to be GTL inmate phone service, correctional facility. It suggests that an inmate in a correctional facility is attempting to contact you. I know who is locked up, and I believe he made this phone call. When I dial the number, it prompts me to create an account, and when I do, it requests that I add an AdvancePay wallet, for which I must provide my credit card information. As far as I know, providing my credit card information in this manner is not a good deal, and I’m not sure if it’s a scam.
    I looked up the number online “8004838314”, but there are a lot of conflicting comments, so do you have any insight into this?

  4. This is scam

  5. Danish Zood

    In my case, I suspected a large scam because the robotic voice sounded exactly like that of a scammer. Most people reported this number (18004838314) as a scam because they were suspicious. I hung up the phone, but when I returned home, my mother had also received the same call, indicating that it was my brother calling from jail.

  6. I received the same call, and I have a friend in jail for reasons I don’t know about, but he tried to call me using another number, and we spoke for a while before disconnecting. Following that, I received a call with a robotic message instructing me to open an Advancepay account in order to continue speaking with my friend.

    So, while the 8004838314 phone number is legitimate, you should always be cautious when using your credit card. GTL offers two methods for account creation: over the phone, which is not a good option, and online, which is a secure method.

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