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1-800-733-2767: Red Cross Blood Donation

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If you’ve ever donated blood through the Red Cross, they might have your phone number on their donor list and could call you to remind you of the donation.
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Blood Donation Scam: If you receive a call asking you to donate blood, please verify the caller’s identity first. Many scammers pretend to be from blood donation organisations, particularly Red Cross, and ask for personal information.
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  1. 1800 REDCROSS will call you to remind you of your next donation. When I donated blood in the hospital, they chose my number.

  2. Mike Clay

    It is a legitimate call, and they request that you attend a blood donation camp organized by the Red Cross.

  3. I should travel to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, where there is a blood drive organized, and give blood there. As I assist someone in need, I always feel good about it.

  4. Although I have never given blood, I am going to the camp this time. Red Cross kindly reminded me of it, so 8007332767 is a genuine phone number.

  5. The American Red Cross is in need of blood for a patient and I have o-negative blood for them.

  6. I’ve already given blood, but The American Red Cross is still asking for donations, so this is just a friendly reminder. However, you should be cautious as there are many blood donation scams out there that prey on your vulnerability and commit fraud.

  7. This is a legitimate Red Cross phone number, but when you call it, an automated voice will ask you to donate blood for a patient. I’m not lying when I say that they are spammers, though. I already scheduled a blood donation for the Red Cross, but they don’t respect my privacy.

  8. The legitimate phone number is 1800 REDCROSS, but they call five times per day, so they should only call in an emergency; if I need to give blood, I’ll do it myself.

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