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Who is +1 800-743-5000 – Expert Analysis

Caller ID 1-800-743-5000 is owned by PG&E

How do scammers target PG&E customers?

Scammers mostly target PG&E customers by contacting them and employing a variety of deception techniques.

They warn PG&E customers that their bill is past due and that if it is not paid immediately, power will be shut off.

They are also asking for paying online using a credit card through a payment link they send via WhatsUp and email

They also want login information, customer numbers, and social security numbers in order to verify energy usage and payment history.

They offer a refund for past-due payments and a discount on the next bill in order to gather client personal information and login information.

PG&E does not ask for financial and personal information over the phone

How to protect from this type of scam?

If you have received a call from any phone number and pretend to be from PG&E and are requesting any financial and personal information then hang up and call PG&E Customer Service number 1-800-743-5000

Avoid any calls requesting immediate action because PG&E does not accept and request payment over the phone.

PG&E does not require the login details of its customers and does not ask for any verification details over the phone.

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  1. Customers of PG&E should be aware that scammers are phoning with voip caller ids, harassing them, and offering false discounts.

    I too received messages from 158-234-5900 but not from (18007435000) with claims of three months of free energy consumption.

  2. This phone number is not a scam (18007435000)
    In 2021, my friend was duped by scammers who called  from an unknown number and pretended to be PG&E customer service.

    He was harassed by a scammer by being told that his account was past due and that the power connection would be terminated if the bill was not paid. After my friend advised him on what to do, a con artist claimed he would receive a discount if he paid immediately online.

    He was given all the information, including his social security number and credit card data. He was unaware of the fraud, and after losing some money from the account, he contacted and told me about it. I immediately called the company that issued his credit card and stopped the card.

    After learning his lesson, my friend now calls 8007435000 whenever he encounters an issue.

  3. Customers of PG&E are simple to scam because they are so reliant on their services. Scammers use a variety of methods to obtain client information and then commit fraud.

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