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+1 800-823-2318 phone number belongs to MediCredit. As part of their debt collection policy, Medicredit, Inc., a legitimate collection agency, may call you from this number.

There have been reports of spoof calls coming from unnown phone numbers. Scammers may make spoof calls and pretend to be from MediCredit in order to force you into paying the debt, but you should be careful because MediCredit, as a responsible agency, is prohibited from doing so by law.

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  1. Lok Angel

    Since MediCredit no longer owns this phone number, there is no way to stop calls from this number, and they declined to assist.

  2. Mak Cooper

    They repeatedly called me each day, and when I called MediCredit, they informed me that they had changed their phone number and that they no longer called from that particular number.

  3. WaylonSon

    It is a robo call” hello hello” i think it is scam

  4. I requested not to be called from 18008232318 as I do not owe any money when I called MediCredit’s customer service toll-free number at 800-888-2238. They informed me that the phone number is not their own and that they do not place obscene calls.

  5. Charle him

    I have received a call from 18008232318 Pretending to be the MediCredit department of debt collection. I do not owe any health care debt, and when I told them not to call, they kept calling again and again. I have told them they have just called the wrong person, but they are making my day-to-day life hell.
    They are simply using abusive language and have threatened to sue me if I do not pay for the debt. When I told them the name under which they would file a lawsuit, they said it was not permissible for them to name the person. As a result, it is a scam, and they will try to trick you by harassing and obtaining your financial information.

  6. I have an unpaid bill from my hospital, and they call every day and won’t stop. MediCredit uses abusive language and threatens to lock my door, but I’m going to pay the bill through the hospital, and if they call again, I’ll use abusive language as well.

  7. MediCredit is a company that collects medical debts from hospitals, doctors’ offices, and other healthcare providers. MediCredit may call from any phone number and request payment for any hospital bill or other debt.

    If you suspect a scam and you do not owe any debt, you can request an official letter. If you are asked for personal information, never give it out because legitimate debt collection agencies already have it and will send it directly to your address, but scammers do not, so they may ask for your address, zip code, and social security number.

    If you are experiencing a problem or have received a suspicious call posing as a MediCredit collection, call 800-888-2238 and report it. If you want to check whether you might have a medical debt, go to their official website at medicreditcorp.com or call 800-888-2238.

    Without a doubt, there are scammers who pose as any Debt collection company and request financial information. They try to put you under stress so that you will give them your credit card information, which they will then use to commit fraud.

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