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If you receive a call from 18008412920 and the caller requests financial and personal information from you, the call is most likely a spoof, impersonating a GEICO customer service professional. You must not disclose your personal information and must file a report immediately.

Who Owns 8008412920 Toll Free Number?

The caller claims to be from Geico. Geico is an insurance company that provides a variety of insurance-related services. Geico does not call customers and never asks for personal information.
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  1. This is official Geico phone number and they called me for insurance claim which i have made 2 days ago and the guy who was speaking with me was professional and asked for my year of birth for verification and noting else.

  2. Jonathan Fingland

    It is GEICO and they always make spam autocalls for ads.

  3. Emil E. Sword

    It is GEICO, but do not take any chances because fraudsters can do anything and are highly intelligent psychopaths.

  4. Lafountain

    At around nine o’clock in the evening, I received a call from 18008412920, which identified itself as the GEICO insurance claim department. When I informed the caller that I did not have any insurance with the company, they claimed they had gotten the wrong number and hung up.

  5. I think it is a safe phone number and i used to dial this number to get help, but spoof calls from scammers are real, so do not ignore them. it.

  6. How someone can use this company owned phone number (8008412920). When these scammers call they claim to be employ of GEICO. But i wonder how they know i am the customer of GEICO. So what i understand is that GEICO is selling our personal information to third-party hackers.

  7. It is scam call, today i received with a robo call from insurance company.

    • if you are customer of GEICO then you may receive promotion calls from 18008412920. Do not worry just contact GEICO and they will opt-out your phone number from notifications.

  8. It is not scam but robo calls make it spammer of the year. i received 10 calls from this number.

  9. swety den

    8008412920 spoofed call from this number be alert and safe.

  10. Schowalter

    This is not a scammer but car insurance service, great service yet

  11. It is not scam but is GEICO 18008412920, i am also customer of GEICO. I was just googling GEICO tool free number and fond this page so i felt that every one should know that this phone number is safe.

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