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Philadelphia, PA, United States

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Received a call from +1 800-863-4785. Comcast does not ask for personal information, and they never ask for a callback.
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  1. I have used a lot of reverse lookup websites and no one showing correct data. called me and claimed as debit collector and told me i have unpaid hospital bill and they do not name the hospital, i hang up several times but they repeatedly call and not sharing any details so that i can conform which bill i have unpaid, blocked this number and own another number which is starting with 855. Here i found it is Comcast but Comcast is not a debt collection company.

  2. Sobański

    I received a call from 18008634785 , lot of people have reported it as legit call from this phone number, but in my case, it does not appear to be a legit call from Comcast.

    reported it to Comcast, and they replied:

    Comcast may call customers for promotional offers, but they will not request personal or financial information. Comcast does not send unsolicited text messages or emails, nor do they call about an upgrade promotion.

  3. Ruvee lee

    told me that if I wanted to pay half, I needed to supply some personal information and then pay a $2.9 fee. He instructed me to provide credit card details in order to make the payment.

  4. I received a call from this number, and they claimed to be able to cut my cable bill in half and give a 50% discount if I pay the bill using a unique promotional code that they will send through text, and I know they will send a phoney Comcast website where they will gather my credit card information.

  5. They phone from 18008634785 and then text a promotional code with a link to a fake website where you have to enter your credit card information and get defrauded, so be cautious.

  6. The Comcast scam is completely new to me. I am a Comcast customer who has been called multiple times by this phone number 18008634785 and asked for a promotional deal for an in-home internet package. I’m not sure if they’re legitimate or a scam because he gave me all of my personal information as well as my Comcast account user name. If it’s a hoax, how can they remember my account username? They must also have my credit card information.

  7. Comcast sends promotional emails and SMS messages, but they are not scammers; they are spammers; I have reported their emails as spam, and they go into the trash every time. I couldn’t find a solution to ban the phone number from receiving SMS messages. They send dozens of advertising texts every day, which makes me feel sick.

    I’m receiving voice messages from 18008634785 as well, but there’s no way to stop them.

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