18009346489 – Claims to be From Xfinity Comcast.

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Philadelphia, PA, USA

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Xfinity Customer Service can be reached at 18009346489 (1-800-Xfinity). Scammers are targeting Xfinity consumers and using spoof calls and pretending to be from Xfinity/Comcast in order to conduct fraud, so be cautious.

Comcast may call you for account-related notifications, but they will never ask for personal information or a discussion about any problem that has to be fixed.

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  1. In order to address the security issues, the Xfinity account has been compromised. Press 1

  2. One of Comcast’s customers was tricked into opening his computer by a scammer who pretended to be calling from Comcast/Xfinity ( phone number 18009346489 ) and said there was a firewall issue that needed to be fixed. This customer believed the customer service was legitimate from Comcast, followed the con artist’s instructions, and became a victim of fraud.

  3. Scam call from scammer posing as Comcast/Xfinity using official number, how they use it i do not know

  4. Spoof call, the caller needs credit information to buy a cup of coffee so if you want then provide them a hit.

  5. I received a call from this number, and they informed me that my modem was outdated and needed to be replaced. I replaced it, but I am still receiving calls from this number.

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