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cAUTION: If you received a call from any phone number that appears to be from AT&T, and requested a callback or personal information, then it could be a scam call from a con artist looking for your personal information.

Legit Calls From AT&T : AT&T may call you only if there is a notification, feedback, or an unpaid bill on your account; they do not call customers for promotional offers or account issue resolution.

Even if you receive a call from a legitimate phone number, you should exercise caution. If our support representative EVER asks you for personal information (including your account password), then hang up and report it.

Scam Calls Impersonating AT&T: If you receive a call from any phone number that pretends to be AT&T and requests personal information, it is a scam call.

AT&T can assign any phone number to their services, and if you receive an automatic recorded call about a past-due bill, it could be a legitimate call from AT&T.

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  1. You are being called by the At&t billing department to be reminded of a past-due balance on your account. Do not give them any information if you received a call regarding another problem.

  2. John Ruiz

    If you have any outstanding bill you will receive such calls

  3. When I answered the call, a man asked for my passcode and said that if I wanted to lower my monthly bill, I needed to contact AT&T customer support. I hung up the phone and called AT&T, who informed me that the call was a spoof and blocked it.

  4. You’re right. I received a bill reminder message from this phone number, so it is genuine; however, bill reminder scammers frequently use spoof calls, so do not press any buttons if it says press 1 to connect with our representative.

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