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Capital One (Card Services)

Caller +1 800-955-7070 claims to be from Capital One.


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New York, United States


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  1. This number is associated with Capital One, and may be used to contact customer service. However, there have been reports that this number is being used by scammers in order to try and extract personal information or money from victims. If you receive a call from this number, be sure to verify the identity of the caller before giving away any information.

  2. called me 9 times, asked me for personal information, i know it is Capital one but i will never give out my personal information to any one.

  3. A man with an American accent who called me from this number informed me that it was an important call regarding my credit card because there had been a $388 transaction. I explained that I had not used my card, but he said that it might have been a fraudulent charge, in which case they should block the card. He then asked for the last six digits of my credit card for verification, which I provided. After a short while, he apologized for not getting the card verified and instructed me to provide my DOB, but I refused and said that he might be a hacker and hung up the phone.

  4. This is a spam call from a caller posing as a representative of Capital One Card Services. Although the caller ID indicates that it is Capital One, I am unsure if Capital One has any offices in Pakistan. I received a traditional telemarketing call from an Indian or Pakistani woman who claimed the call was about lowering interest rates; however, I flatly refused the call because many other scams have used the same tactic. So, hang up and immediately block the call from this number.

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