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2022254965: This number is listed in political call spam

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  1. Keep us away from this, please, as it is a robocall for a political campaign that I have blocked because I don’t participate in politics.

  2. Westmoreland

    “Hello sir, please press one to connect with our representative and two if we reached the wrong number.” In my situation, I’m not sure if it was a political scam or something else, but I believe they tested my phone number for the next target or they missed the cash victim.

  3. James Addy

    I received a robo call from Nancy Pelosi’s party, and they invited everyone in the COLUMBIA district to attend a conference so I am not a supporter of this party, and I am concerned as to how they obtained my phone number. I do not wish to listen to the automated phone; if they must invite, they should do so personally.

  4. Phone number rang me 3 times and drove me insane since my mother instructed me to pick it up but I can’t tell her it’s spam because she won’t believe me. I hope the government disables the phone number 202-225-4965.

  5. Scammer calling from this phone number (2022254965) via viop. I can’t find the number, and when I call it back, it’s out of service. Only they can send robo calls with telemarketing messages.

  6. I received a call from this number 2022254965, which is a robocall. I do not want to receive such a call because it violates our policy, so if you want to promote something, you cannot call and text everyone. If you must market something, tell people to subscribe before you begin calling and texting.

  7. Anonymous
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    This is the official phone number of Nancy Pelosi, but they send unwanted robo promotional voice messages.

  8. Anonymous
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    If it is owned by NANCY PELOSI, I have got a phone call from an insurance firm. Told me my auto insurance has expired, thus they need to verify my information in order to extend it. I’ve previously told him that my car insurance has not expired, yet they keep calling, and I’m weary of hanging up the phone.
    I think it is some spoofing call from a spammer who wants my personal information.

  9. Anonymous

    Scam phone number as it is making unwanted call for a vote

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