206-453-2329 Beware of Amazon Brushing Scam.

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Who is 206-453-2329 – Expert Analysis

Be wary of packages you didn’t order because con artists are calling or texting you from any number that appears to be a legitimate Amazon number using a spoofing technique.

Who is calling from 206 453 2329?

The phone number 206 453 2329 is the direct line between an Amazon driver and a customer. Neither the driver nor the customer can see personal phone numbers, which aids in preventing data breaches involving personal information.

As the phone number 206 453 2329 is legitimate and belonged to Amazon, scammers can easily call you from this number by using a spoofing technique. If you receive a call from this number pretending to be an Amazon driver but have never placed an order with the company, hang up.

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  1. This phone number is legitimate, so please refrain from spreading false information. I have flagged a few comments that are simply nonsensical and show no knowledge of this phone number. I appreciate you taking them down from this page. The Amazon driver calls you through a secure line that offers firewall-like security to prevent phone numbers from being disclosed, rather than directly calling you from this number.

  2. This is amazon driver and informed me about my delivery time

  3. It was an Amazon driver that called from this number, and I received the delivery safely and on schedule.

  4. I Am Amazon Driver

    Why is the Amazon driver calling me?

    If you’ve ordered something from Amazon and the Amazon driver is having trouble delivering the package, he may call you to let you know and perhaps ask for assistance delivering your package in real-time.

    What is Amazon Brushing Scam

    The brushing scam happens when third-party Amazon vendors send packages to customers whose personal information, such as their address, name, and phone number, has been compromised. The primary goal of the brushing scam is to obtain favorable online reviews, which aid the con artists in obtaining company ratings, which in turn boost their sales.

    Where to Report Amazon Brushing Scam

    Call 844-311-0406 right away if you believe your personal information has been compromised and is being used fraudulently by con artists. Give them all the details so they can assist you in recovering access to your account and personal information.

  5. It is scam and scammers are using phone numbers of big companies.

  6. Underwood

    They are using my Amazon account and have my address, phone number, and social security number. I examined my login activity on the Amazon website and noticed logins from ip addresses that I don’t recognize.

  7. McGonigal

    Someone placed an order for me, and I want to accept it because it’s free and I enjoy receiving free things. They can run their business, but only under one condition: they must never claim I’m a false victim.

  8. +1 (206) 453-2329 It is a legitimate call from a driver about parcel delivery, and if you are concerned about spoof calls, always confirm the phone number and never provide personal information over the phone. I am also a victim of spoof calls, which appear legit. It is also a scam if someone calls and complains about a problem with a package.

  9. This could be a legitimate call from 206 453 2329, but I received a call from this number and I do not have ordered anything, asking for my delivery address because they couldn’t reach me. I thought someone might have used my number for the order or given me something, but when I asked the caller whose name appears on the invoice, he hung up, so it is a scam.

  10. This is an Amazon driver calling, and when I asked why he didn’t use his personal phone number, he explained that they are just delivering an Amazon caller id that is unique to the order and connects to the customer phone number, so they can’t see the phone number. It assists Amazon in dealing with customer privacy and data breaches, proving that Amazon is a good company.

  11. Morris Jaso

    206 453 2329 I believe this to be legitimate because the driver is calling and I have already paid for the order and placed the order.

  12. You are correct, they are scammers, and if they are providing something for free to review, it is our responsibility to leave a review, but they are adding five stars without our knowledge.

  13. Jabaz Hasan

    Scam problems affect every business offering internet services. As con artists pose as representatives of these businesses, many individuals are being duped.

    Because fraudsters are seeking for chances, customers should take every call seriously.

    How can I recognize a scam call?

    Scammers must be in a rush and speak a lot when they call. They also explicitly request personal information, beginning with your initial name before moving on to your account information.

  14. Amazone does not call from 206-453-2329, yet Amazon owns this number. Amzone has previously notified consumers about the fraud, although the majority of them remain unaware.

    Amazon should issue a notice on its website as well as put notice on other services so that scammers cannot commit fraud. I believe Amazon is unwilling to assist consumers and instead assists scammers in committing fraud.

  15. Queen Lee
    Legit Phone Number +1 (206) 453-2329

    I receive text messages from this number and place orders through it, so it is a legitimate Amazon phone number. I am also a victim of the brushing scam, but it is not the fault of Amazone; it is the fault of third-party scammers who use methods to boost the rating of selling items.

    If you have received calls from this number, do not be alarmed; nonetheless, only accept orders that you have ordered via the Amazon website. Amazon’s delivery method is excellent, however, scammers are to blame. Therefore, therefore we must all exercise caution.

    • This number is not legitimate; it is a fraud, and the official Amazon website has also flagged it as a scammer, so you should verify it first so that people can decide whether it is safe to take calls or not.

  16. Yes, it’s a brushing scam. I received a call from 2064532329, and the gentleman asked me to pick up a gift parcel that the company had bought for you. After analyzing this order, I discovered it was a hair straightener. Amzone invoice was created on my address, with my name and phone number attached, so I became suspicious and proceeded to the Amazon website, where I saw a page titled (report unsolicited package or brushing scam) and filled out the form.

    After a few hours, I received a call from Amazon, who informed me that the item seller had used my name and address to ship it. I asked them what the point of this scam was. They informed me that these scam sellers exploit your account to add 5 star reviews to products so that they receive high ratings and their items are ranked as top sellers.

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