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University of Washington

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Seattle, WA, United States

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The phone number 2062219400 is listed on the washington.edu website for the Digital Engagement Center, and it is stated that they call from phone numbers 206-221-9400 through 206-221-9425.

If you receive a call from any phone number claiming to be from the University of Washington and asking for any type of donation, such as COVID relief or student donations, please hang up because it may be a spoof call.

Some reports indicate that people have received unusual calls from this number, requesting donations in the name of the University of Washington.

Scammers are using the spoof calls and calling people at random. To appear legitimate, they first seek advice on any project and then begin asking for donations for impoverished students.

The phone number’s location is SEATTLE, KING, Washington. The ZIP code is 98195, and it is registered with QWEST CORPORATION.

206-221-9400 phone number

If you received a call from any phone number and it appeared suspicious, please submit your complaint.

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  1. Yes, the phone number is UW, but some students were given the task to collect donations.

  2. This is a scam call from a scammer who has all of my information and claims that I graduated from university last year and that they need money for students.

  3. McMasters

    They not only call, but also email me, and I’m curious how they obtained my personal information. I am a formal student, and I believe there are hackers who have breached the University of Washington data and are calling and posing as UW students. They called and I promised to donate, but then they made me sick again, and now I’ve told them they’re scammers and I’m not going to pay anything.

  4. They request a donation and are currently texting from another number. It appears to be a student begging from the bottom of his heart. He needs credit card information over the phone, and they will donate as much as they want and need on my behalf.

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