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Have you received a call from +1 206-922-0880? Amazon never asks customers for personal information or account passwords.
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  1. The last time I had an issue with an Amazon account, I contacted Amazon via chat and they said they would contact me. I waited for the call, and today I received a call from this number and a man with an American accent didn’t mention they were Amazon, he just said he wanted my pin, so I just hung up. After a reverse lookup, I am confused as some websites say it is an Amazon customer service number while others claim it is a scam number.

  2. I received a robocall from this number claiming that my Amazon account was blocked and that I needed to speak with customer service. I pressed 1 to do so, and a man with an Indian accent asked me for my name and address before I could hang up.

  3. 206-922-0880 is the official Amazon phone number.

    Scammers may target you by spoofing this phone number, so be cautious

  4. Amazon customer support may call you from +1 206-922-0880 if there is any problem with the delivery of the parcel. Please remember that Amazon does not request any sensitive information, such as your personal or financial information.

  5. In the last few days, i have received a huge number of scam calls from 2069220880. It sounded an alert because other phone lookup websites tell the phone number is the official number of Amazon.

  6. Scammers are spoofing phone numbers to target the phone numbers of huge companies. These scammers target victims at random after spoofing any phone number. Unfortunately, most people fall victim to these scammers since these phone numbers appear legitimate.

  7. Gutierrez

    2069220880 is a secure phone number. I receive order status and shipment tracking information.

    Keep in mind that if you are asked for personal or financial information, you should immediately hang up and report the call.

  8. I’m worried since some phone number lookup websites claim it’s Amazon, but others claim it’s a fraud. I received a call today and was instructed to supply the address as he is the driver and wishes to deliver the stuff that I had ordered from Amazon, so I provided the address and my identity.

    He also requested for my phone number, which surprised me.

    I told him to look at the mobile phone you’re using to contact my number, but he said he couldn’t since it’s encrypted by the firm to safeguard customers’ privacy. It appears legitimate, but I have been waiting for the product for 6 hours.

  9. My Call to amazon was forwarded to this number. A person who answered wouldn’t tell his name when asked but said that he is calling from India. I just hung up.

  10. I received a call at 5:30am from this number 206-922-0880. When I didn’t answer, they called again and left a message. The machine only picked up the last part of the message with the number being read in Spanish. What company calls at 5:30am!?!?!

  11. Iris E. White

    No, it’s a scam. When 206-922-0880 called and asked for my new address, they informed me that since Amazon does not deliver items to old addresses, the call was a scam.

  12. I understand that a large corporation cannot call customers and will not request money over the phone. Amazon delivery boy may call you from his personal phone number and request delivery of a parcel that you may have ordered from Amazon. If you haven’t ordered anything from Amazon, the call could be from a scammer.

  13. Amazon’s phone number is 2069220880, and sure, scammers use it to steal money. I’m not sure how they do it, but one thing you should remember is to never reveal your personal information with anyone.

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