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Caution: Scammers call people from the VOIP caller ID and pose as Apple or Amazon support, informing them of a problem with their accounts and requesting that they contact a support representative to resolve the problem. There are numerous variations of robo call messages, and we have some records. If you have received such a call, please notify our community by submitting your report.

1. You purchased an Apple product from Amazon.

Scammers are attempting to dupe people by sending a recorded message, that says “you have ordered an apple product from Amazon, and in order to conform / cancel the order, press 1 or simply be on line to connect with our representative.”

Scammers use this trick to connect people with a scammer who will try to obtain personal information from you and commit fraud.
2. Your Apple iCloud account has been compromised.

In another recorded message, they try to persuade you that your Apple account has been compromised and that you must immediately contact an Apple support team in order to help recover the account.

According to the above message, “your ICloud account has been breached and you need to contact Apple support team in order to speak with an Apple representative press 1.”

Scammers are attempting to connect with a man who will ask you account-related questions and then attempt to trick you into providing your password for the account in which you have saved your credit card. So, be cautious and avoid becoming a victim of this scam, and report any suspicious activity.

I received a suspicious call from +1 315-232-8257
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  1. Posing as Apple, and many people fall victim to these scams, so in my case, I immediately pressed 1 and hanged when there was a guy speaking nonsense and now began sending text messages. So, never try to press 1 because they will pick your number, your phone number will be on their list, and they will make your life hell and you will begin to switch off your phone.

  2. I have ICloud Account but it is just fine and i can say that this phone call 3152328257 is scammer from india.

  3. Very annoying calling me every day and I have an ICloud account that I just changed the password to a strong one and I believe Apple has data breaches, so I’m wondering how they got my phone number.

  4. I am not using any Apple device but have an Apple account, they called me 20 times a day and want to stop this. I have blocked the caller but hate to see them in my missed calls list.

  5. In my case, they called me directly, and a poor English-speaking Indian called and hung up when I spoke in French.

  6. Alexender

    One thing you may have overlooked is that they provide a call back number, which you should never call because they may attempt to make you emotional and hit you hard.

  7. Yes, beware of these calls. I have received calls from this number 3152328257 25 times and I believe they target people randomly and use some sort of software to make bulk calls.

  8. In my case, they pretended to be Amazon and said, “Your order is about to arrive, but our driver cannot locate the address, so in order for the parcel to be delivered successfully, press 1 to conform your address.” So I took the risk and pressed 1, and there was a guy with an Indian accent asking for my name, address, and social security number.

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