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Who is +44 800 023 2635 – Expert Analysis

Since 06/05/2020, the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) has made the 0800 023 2635 phone number available for use, and you may receive calls from this number regarding any work capability assessment, interview, claim, or service.

Some users have reported receiving spoof calls from 0800 023 2635, in which the scammer poses as Job Center/Universal Credit and requests personal and financial information. So be cautious and report any suspicious calls to ScamDialer to assist us in fighting scammers.

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  1. met Jeremiah

    In my case, the caller claimed to be from the Department of Work and Pensions/Job Center. I have received calls from the number, regarding other people I know as well. They explained that it was just a routine check related to my Universal Credit claim when I questioned why they needed my National Insurance number.

  2. I emailed the Department of Work and Pensions and inquired about the phone number 44 800 023 2635. They stated that it is an official number and that they use it to contact clients, but they do not ask for any personally identifiable information, such as a social security number or address. They have also indicated that they have been made aware of scam artists imitating Universal Credit employees and requesting bank information. They also mentioned that they are warning consumers to these fraudulent calls and messages through text alerts and adverts.

  3. It is not a scam, but if they are a legitimate company, they should only call once a month, and if the customer ignores their call, it means the customer is dissatisfied with their service.

  4. This is a legitimate call from Universal Credit, but it may appear to be a scam because they require your personal information. My advice is to always be cautious and do not provide any sensitive information over the phone.

    1. If you need to file a claim, always do so through the gov.uk online portal or by calling official phone numbers. 0800 328 5644

    2. If they call you in for an interview, always ask for proof; if you are unable to provide proof, they are scammers.

    3. If they request a survey, do not provide any sensitive information such as credit card or bank account information.

    4. If they request a payment or a fee, always inform them that you will pay via the online portal.

  5. George Hil

    This phone number called me today and claimed to be from the DWP enquiry department; I requested verification and proof that they were from the DWP because they were requesting personal information. He hung up the phone and called back, telling me that if he does not provide details, the benefit will be terminated within a few days. I called 0800 328 5644 and informed them of the call from 44-800-023-2635, but they were unable to assist me because they were unable to locate the caller, and they assured me that I had done a great job and that my benefits would continue.

  6. They claimed to be debt collectors and that I have loans with the Department of Work and Pensions. I can avoid answering the call by knowing that the phone number 44 800 023 2635 is a scam.

  7. Yes, some people have reported it as a scam, but in my case, the phone number is legitimate, and I am an adult who can tell the difference between a legitimate call and a scam call. I already know that con artists cannot trick you unless they make a special offer, such as requesting that your pension account be credited with $5,000 and that you confirm the necessary information before they can complete the transaction. It is therefore up to you to decide whether you want to become a victim or not.

  8. Universal Credit’s official phone number is 44 800 023 2635.

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