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Arzome Hazher

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Birch Tree, MO, US

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Have you received a call from this phone number? If so, please describe the call’s nature and whether you find it suspicious.
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  1. called me and claim to be amazon seller and inquired about an order which i have never placed, he then apologies for contacting wrong number.

  2. I have received 35 calls from this number and from past few days calling me like i have a heavy loan debt and i have not answered any of the calls. I have blocked it

  3. Called but it is silent call and they call six times a day but they never speak and i blocked the number. I have searched online and i have found nothing about this phone number and i think someone is testing how to make a spam call and disturb people.

  4. Artegon Geo

    Today I received a suspicious call from 573-292-0499. It was a robo call requesting for a call back, but when I called back, someone answered and inquired about the lottery draw. I assume it was a faked call from India. If you have received a call from this number, please share your experience.

  5. Scam caller claims to be from an insurance firm and requests personal information.

  6. calling 10 times daily and i am now tired to ask the caller i do not need any type of service.

  7. Mikey Heads

    Today I received a call from an unknown phone number, however, it was not a robocall, but rather a real human with a deep voice claiming to be an Amazon gift delivery boy. I requested parcel delivery but was curious as to who would have brought me an Amazon gift. When I asked who sent the present, he dropped the phone call.

  8. it s a lottery scam so be alert and do not pick.

  9. This answer was edited.

    Is it scam – Yes it is scam
    I also received a robo call, but I did not return it. Lottery draw scams are only found in India, and they use various voip call apps to make us victims of fraud.
    What should I do if I receive repeated phone calls from 5732920499?
    We can only block this phone number IN OUR MOBILE PHONES because there is no alternative permanent solution.

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