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Phoenix, AZ, United States

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Who is 602-671-6610 – Expert Analysis

Amazon owns the phone number +1 602-671-6610, and Amazon uses the phone number to relay the customer’s genuine number. Because Amazon does not wish to display the actual client phone number, Amazon vendors may see this phone number in customer shipping details.

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  1. This is amazon phone number and the driver called me to stay at home for delivery.

  2. I rejected several orders because I suspected they were fraudulent, so Amazon is confusing with this. I contacted Amazon, and they told me that when a customer has privacy concerns, they just want to hide the phone number from sellers to avoid being exposed, so Amazon uses their own phone number to bypass the actual phone number. When I print the shipping slip, there is no phone number, indicating that the customer did not supply a phone number. What the…

  3. I received a call from 602-671-6610 and requested that my Amazon account be suspended if I did not perform the verification. I promptly checked my Amazon account, which was fine, but this guy told me it would be blocked in the next several hours. I told him to block me because I was no longer using it, and he hung up.

  4. Anonymous

    I am a new Amazon seller, and this phone number is listed in my new order, so when I dialed the number, it was Amazon customer care, so I assumed it was a fraudulent order because it was my first.

  5. Phone number has a 602 area code, which is specific to Maricopa County in Phoenix, Arizona.

  6. It happened to me as well, and I fooled it by providing incorrect information, which made my day. After submitting incorrect information, I urged him to unblock my account because you are responsible for it being blocked. He tried a variety of approaches before finally giving up and refusing to answer the phone.

    Remember, if you receive these types of calls, especially from 6026716610, do not provide them any personal information.

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