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+16024669813 ( Phoenix, AZ, United States)
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Phoenix, AZ, United States

Who is Calling From 6024669813 – Expert Analysis

The phone number 6024669813, which claims to be from Expedia or Hotels.com, is not among the official companies’ phone numbers. Exercise caution when answering these calls, as scammers are using spoof calls to pose as travel agencies and offer attractive promotions in an effort to obtain your credit card information.
Travel Booking Scam:Scammers prey on people by offering discounted booking options, discount codes, and other gimmicks to obtain financial information in order to commit fraud, so be cautious when you receive phone calls posing as representatives of travel booking agencies.
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  1. Sutherland

    I also received a call from this number, which is not published elsewhere. I asked Expedia for this phone number, but they informed me that it is not an actual contact number for them. They call me five times every day, and it has been a month, which irritates me.

  2. John Stubbs

    It’s Expedia, and they called to remind me of my upcoming travel. I’m concerned because there have been scam claims, but I’ve never been requested for any personal information; all I’ve ever gotten is the reminder. It is advisable to exercise cautious because there are scammers out there that can cause you to lose everything. I have also been called by someone pretending to be an unknown trip advisor who claimed an offer for my trip and asked for my card information.

  3. It is a fraud that pretends to be Expedia and asks for a flight discount. He also offered a coupon code that, according to the text message he sent, could be redeemed by Link. Because the line is so short, I believe it may be infected with malware. Therefore, be cautious of scams.

  4. Fraud in other lookup websites, many con artists make their schemes appear legitimate, so do not believe them. Always protect your personal information to avoid becoming a victim of fraud. I received five calls from this number, but when I try to call them back, call disconnects.

  5. Yes, they request credit card information and it is a scam.

  6. It is a scam pose as hotels.com, and on other websites, scammers are making a lot of effort to appear legitimate by adding fake comments. Be cautious because scammers are everywhere, and only 1% of people care to add true reviews. As a result, be responsible and report any suspicious calls.

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