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This caller claims to be from the New Jersey Department of Health and is sending reminders about the Covid 19 booster shot.

Phone number is not posted on the official website of the Department of Health for the State of New Jersey, so it is not safe to disclose any personal information.

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  1. Covid 19 is over, but the robocall reminds me to take a double dose of booster, so I believe the pain is still present.

  2. They request that you contact back at 855-568-0545, which is the official health department number, thus this is not a scam call.

  3. Hello, this is the new Jersey COVID-19 call center reaching out to you on behalf of the New Jersey Department of Health. This is a call about your eligibility for the COVID 19 booster shot, which is the best way to protect yourself from the virus. Please call us at 855-568-0545 to schedule the best time to get the shot. I believe it is a legitimate phone number because they supplied a legitimate phone number to call back.

  4. Accepting calls from +1 609-913-2095 is risk-free. The Department of Health is notifying all of its members about immunizations. Answering the phone is safe because the Department of Health may send other health-related information from this number. If you detect any unusual behavior, please do not give them any of your personal or financial information.

  5. I received a robo call from (+1-609-913-2095) in 2021 with booster vaccine-related information, but today I received a real call from the same number requesting information regarding my health after COVID-19 recovery.

    When I told them that everything was alright, they told me that the government will send some money to my account. I asked why, and they stated that it is government policy, so I must provide them with my personal and bank information in order for this money to be transferred. I told them to keep the money because I didn’t need it, and they hung up the phone.

    I’m sure scammers are spoofing this number and misusing it. Everyone should be wary of this type of trap.

  6. Booster shoot reminder message from department of health 6099132095

    It’s excellent to know that the health department cares about our lives, so respond and take your booster shoot as soon as possible.

    • I am also thankful to health department for providing information so it is safe and there is now way to say it makes us spam. Phone number: 609-913-2095 is safe

  7. Safe call from: 6099132095
    I received a call from this number, which was a robo call from the health department. ” Getting a booster shot is the best approach to guard against Covid-19, this is New Jersey COVID-19 contact center on behalf of the New Jersey Department of Health. Please contact us at 855-568-0545 to arrange for a booster. ”

    So it is safe to answer this call and if you are already vaccinated then there is nothing to do.

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