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Caller 1-612-815-8004 claims to be from Target Red Card and is registered in Minnesota, United States.


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Minnesota, United States


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  1. Caller claims to be from Target but in past i have received a lot of spam calls from unknown numbers and poses as Target services. I am customer of Target since 2012 and I know they have leaked our phone numbers to scammers and i do not provide any personal information when ever I received such calls.

  2. received call from this number and the caller id shows it is unknown and I do not know who is target red card services.

  3. My caller id identification app has marked this number as spam and i have never answered this call but caller id shows it is Target.

  4. never left any message, calls me every day and today they called me 5 times. I do not have any account with Target and never heard about it.

  5. I have received call today and claim he is from Target and when i told him who is this Target and he told me, he reached a wrong number, hangup.

  6. A Target Red Card scam is a type of scam in which the scammer will pose as a Target employee and call or email a customer. In order to process a return or an exchange, they will tell the victim that they need their credit card information. Scammers will then ask for the customer’s credit card number, expiration date, and CVV code.

    Using this information, scammers can purchase items online or make unauthorized purchases at Target stores.

  7. Hello, my name is and I am calling about your recent purchase of $29. Your card was charged . I have been assigned to help you resolve any issues related to your credit card. To begin, please press *1* now. If you need further assistance, please press *2*. If you need to speak with a representative, please press *3*. Thank you for choosing Target! I think this is scam and i am not going to press anything.

  8. 1. Caller ID
    The caller ID system works by using a central database to match incoming calls to the number associated with the phone line. When a call comes in, the phone company sends information about the call to the central database, which then displays the name and address associated with the phone number. In some cases, the caller ID may not display the actual name of the person calling, but rather just their area code.
    2. Caller ID spoofing
    Spoofing is the act of making someone else’s phone number appear as yours. Spoofers use technology to make it look like they’re calling from your number. If you receive a call from someone claiming to be from your bank, credit card company, or any other business, chances are they’re trying to scam you.
    3. Caller ID blocking
    If you want to prevent people from seeing who called you, you can block your caller ID. You’ll need to contact your service provider to do this.
    4. Caller ID spoofing apps
    There are several free apps out there that allow you to change your caller ID. These apps work by changing the outgoing message (the greeting you hear before the phone rings) and/or the number displayed on your screen.
    5. Caller ID spoofing websites
    You can also find websites that let you change your caller ID. Most of these sites require registration, but some offer free services.

  9. What is Target Red Card Services Scam
    A red card is a type of credit card issued by banks to customers who have good payment history and low risk of defaulting on their payments. These cards are generally used for online purchases and transactions. In 2016, Target was hacked and 40 million customer records were stolen. The data breach affected over 110 million people. A hacker stole information including names, email addresses, phone numbers, mailing address, birth dates, and even security codes.
    How Does Scammers target potential victims?
    When someone receives an email or opens a website claiming to be from Target, they are asked to enter their name, address, and other personal information. Once the information is entered, the scammers receive it and use it to create a fake Target Red Card. Then, they send the card to the victim’s bank account and ask them to deposit funds into the card.
    What Should You Do If You Receive An Email Or Website From Target Red Card Services?
    If you receive an email or website from Target Red Card Services, do not give out any personal information. Instead, call your bank immediately and report the fraudulent activity. Your bank may be able to help protect you from fraud.
    Who Is Behind Target Red Card Services?
    There are no known suspects behind Target Red Card Services at this time. However, if you ever receive an email or website claiming to be from a company you don’t recognize, contact your local law enforcement agency.

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