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  1. Donald Pie

    The transaction details mention this phone number. I have contacted Doordash and they say the card was used in California, but I have not lived in the area they are referring to. The company told me to give them some time to investigate the matter, and they may refund me if they find the transaction was authorized by someone else. Has anyone received a refund? I’m in contact with the bank as well, and they too filed a dispute.

  2. I’ve never used my credit card and discovered charges with this phone number listed as transaction details. Doordash is not mentioned and I will visit my bank tomorrow to find out how I got this charge.

  3. Anonymous
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    The 6506819470 phone number is owned by Door Dash, a food delivery service. You can contact customer service if you have any questions about your order, and you can also cancel it in real time.

  4. My card was charged and the transaction shows DOORDASH-6506819470

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      If you did not order food from DoorDash but your credit card was charged, please contact Door Dash for assistance dispute with DoorDash charges. If you think that your credit card was used by someone else, you must first block your credit card from further transactions. You should also contact your credit card company and file a complaint.

  5. I have a 29-dollar charge on my card and the account displays a transaction with Door dash; however, I have never used the card and have never ordered food from Door dash; what can I do?

    • If you have an unauthorized charge from Doordash and believe you did not use the card, contact your credit card issuer¬†immediately and request that the card be blocked for future transactions, as well as submit a written complaint about the fraud transaction, so they can assist you in recovering and investigating the fraud.

  6. Ron Dutro

    Just had my card hit for 30.00 exactly like above. Brand New Card, less than a week old.
    Ron In KCMO

  7. I also found a transaction from Doordash with a phone number. However, while investigating, my brother used my credit card and ordered some food, thus it is not a fraud; however, scammers are real ghosts and should not be taken lightly.

  8. It is not a fraud, but it is the Door Dash customer service phone number. I order food using this phone number. However, scammers may steal your credit card information and use it to order DoorDash food. If you see a transaction from Doordash on your credit card statement, it means your credit card information has been compromised.

    What should I do if my statement indicates a transfer from (+1 650-681-9470)? Doordash
    First and foremost, you should block your credit card by contacting your credit card issuer and informing them that your credit card has been used fraudulently.

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