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Vehicle Warranty Scam Call From (7026452692)

Every day between 10:00 AM and 1:00 PM, this phone number 7026452692 calls me and asks for information about my vehicle warranty. He advised me to pay a small fee right away in order to have my vehicle warranty extended for the next five years. When I told him the method of payment, he said I had to provide the card details, and I hung up. After that, he kept calling me, leading me to believe it was a scam.

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  1. Scam call from a phony car dealer calling anyone, even if they don’t have a vehicle.

  2. I received a robo call from 7026452692 requesting a call back on an insurance claim; however, I have never claimed anything and suspect it is a scam.

  3. Best Answer

    If you own a vehicle and someone calls you from any phone number claiming to be a car dealer, manufacturer, or insurance agent and telling you that your vehicle warranty is about to expire and you must renew it immediately, be wary because it is a scam.

    Any caller from any number asking for a vehicle warranty extension without a vehicle inspection is a scam, and many people have fallen victim to it, so do not provide personal information to the caller.

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