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Scammers use spoof calls to contact potential victims while pretending to be from a debt collection agency. Users have reported phone number 800-297-6901 as requesting personal information, thus you should use caution when answering the call. While the majority of debate collection firms, such as United Collection Bureau, are legitimate, scammers are acting as reputable collection organisations in order to appear legitimate. If you have any issues, please contact United Collection Bureau.

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  1. I missed my student loan installment because I owe the money, and as a result, I’ve been getting a lot of calls from various numbers. I am making a lot of effort to pay off all of my debt, and I always block ominous callers because I already know they are debt collectors. I hate answering calls from unknown numbers because they harass me and don’t give a damn about the law.

  2. I received a call from another phone number and they asked me to call back 800-297-6901, but when I did, the line was not in service, indicating that the fraudsters were busy with other victims.

  3. I am a lawyer, and I have received reports concerning this phone number from my clients. They pose as debt collectors. These scammers attempt to take advantage of people by gathering personal and financial information in order to steal money.

    They also leave voice messages and ask to be called back. One of our clients was asked to pay an unpaid hospital bill, but after checking with the hospital, they advised him that he had no unpaid bills to collect.

    Another member was approached and requested to pay an overdue electricity bill; however, when he checked with the company, they informed him that it was a scam and that he should not respond to such calls.

  4. KeviEsparza

    Called and said they were a debt collector. They asked for my birthday and address and I said “what is this for?” and they refused to tell me what the “debt” was. I said “this very much seems like a scam so I won’t be providing you with any information,” and they hung up on me!

  5. When I asked them for the hospital for which I had a debat, they hung up and left a voice message with warnings.

  6. Yes, they are a scam, and they leave voice messages from 800-297-6901 every day, asking for a callback as soon as possible. It’s a harassment call, and they should be directed to police.

  7. Scam, be smart and do not afraid and i must tell you that debate collectors do not send voice messages and they do not ask for call back.

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