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Indigo – Genesis FS Card Services is the owner of phone number 8003535920. If you are a customer of Genesis FS Card Services, you can contact customer service by dialing +1-800-353-5920. Scammers may use spoofing to send robocalls from this number, requesting personal and financial information.

Warning: Our users have reported suspicious robo calls from the number 8003535920. One of the users was contacted and informed of a past-due payment that they did not have. Another user received a robocall from the same number and was asked to confirm the details of their Indigo card, which they found suspicious. The scammer also requests a callback for settlement of past-due payment.

How can you stay away from this scams?

Scammers use a variety of techniques to obtain your financial and personal information in order to defraud you. One of the most well-liked techniques is to spoof official customer service numbers and pose as debt collectors.

When you receive a call from any number that seems suspicious, you should always report it to the company. Legitimate businesses never request personal information from their customers or credit card numbers, but fraudsters need both in order to commit their crimes.

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  1. Frederick

    I have a problem with them because if you do not use their card within a month, they will start calling and texting you. I always get calls from this number, and I set my phone to silent every time they call.

  2. YES, Indigo – Genesis FS Card Services owns the phone number, but they let scammers use it and split the revenue when someone is duped. I’ve also received calls from 8003535920, but I don’t answer them. I am using the card and do not intend to use it again. I owe them nothing. I have zero balance and they call 5 times a day from different numbers and want me to return to be scammed.

  3. Yes, it was a scam call from 8003535920. The card number they provided does not match my card, and I do not owe any dispute. It’s a ruse to dupe you.

  4. They just want to call you back so they can confirm your card and use it to buy a cup of coffee.

  5. Boson lee

    This is a total scam, and the caller ID 8003535920 has been spoofed by scammers, and they not only send robocalls but also text me, demanding payment that I do not have in my card. I have an Indigo card, but when I dialled 8003535920 from my phone, there was a real person for Indigo who told me never to share your details, but when I asked how scammers got my number, they told me they call randomly and sometimes reach targeted victims.

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