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Sprint bill collection scam
Sprint customers have reported receiving unusual spam calls from unknown phone numbers posing as Sprint bill collectors and use other deceptive tactics and requesting personal information.

Received a call from 844-319-1130, share your experiences with the community.

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  1. Received 18 calls from this number and they claim to be from sprint and they offer discount codes for bill payment, i do not think this phone number belongs to sprint.

  2. Call pretends to be from Sprint (now T-Mobile) and claims my phone number won a lucky draw and I won a free iPhone 13 and I need my zip code for verification and to deliver it, scammer stopped after I given the bogus address and it was enjoyable to play with him.

  3. Called for account information and was told that it will be kept confidential as part of the merger of Sprint and T-Mobile.

  4. Good to know that there is high scam risk and i blocked the caller

  5. Promotional offer from T Mobile asked for zipcode and then account username

  6. William Sampson

    Sprint does not own this number, since I dialed it and it is not reachable.

  7. Michael Nolen

    T Mobile is the target and they have leaked the data of users to scammers, received a pure scam call asking for zip code and then account details

  8. Claimed to be from Sprint and asked for a pin code to check promotion offers for my account, to which I replied with a fake zip code, and then he said there is a large discount on a plan for which he needed my account password, so be cautious.

  9. When I dial this number on my mobile 8443191130 it is Sprint/T-Mobile customer support, but a few hours back, I received a call from a lady asking for plan renewal and saying there would be penalties if not done immediately. So I hung up and dialed 8443191130. It was real support from Sprint, and they told me there was a lot of discussion about this issue, but they could not do anything about this.

  10. This is a scam that uses dirty techniques to defraud people. I received a call today and the caller ID appeared to be legitimate to me, but when I answered the phone, I became suspicious since the fraudster was not using professional language. He requested personal information from me.

  11. Scammer from India, When they call, they do not even speak English, and if they are unable to communicate, they attempt to transfer the conversation to another person. I have received calls not only from this phone number, but also from VOIP phone numbers.

    I used to believe that I was the only one receiving these types of calls, but after reading numerous reports and comments, I understood that the world is suffering from a new type of thievery plan.

  12. I became concerned when they offered me a discount on my amount due.

    Sprint has never called me in this manner because it appeared suspicious when they gave me a discount on my account due. They requested my social security number in order to verify the amount of my payment, and they also advised me to pay immediately in order to receive a 50 percent reduction.

    I informed them I would pay the amount myself, but this time they gave a 70% discount. So don’t fall into the trap, my friend was just scammed by an Indian scammer and lost a lot of money.

    Scammers target not just on Sprint customers, but also pose as debt collectors and harass people. They are not just using (844-319-1130) phone number but they may use VOIP calls from anywhere to scam.

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