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Caller 1-844-733-4942 claims to be from Sedgwick Insurance Claims and is registered in Memphis, United States.


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Memphis,TN, United States


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  1. I received a call from an Indian lady trying very hard to speak English. Is it a scam?

    • Even though this phone number may belong to Sedgwick, you may already be aware of spoof calls, so this does not mean that Sedgwick can only call from this number. These Indian hackers have called me a lot trying to scam me out of money. Here are some steps to take when answering any unknown calls because in some cases they were successful in getting you sued.
      The world is full of scams. Some are easy to spot, and some are not. To ensure that you won’t become a victim of one, there are a few things you can do.

      1) Do your research:

      The first step is to conduct research and become familiar with scam warning signs. Scammers will attempt to sell you something they’ll tell you is the best and most valuable thing in the world, but it’s typically not worth it and breaks down quickly. They will also demand payments in advance, which is a deal-breaker in any business deal.

      2) Don’t take requests for personal information lightly:

      If someone sends you an email asking for personal information like your social security number or credit card number, don’t give it out! This is especially true if they say they need this information so they can “verify” who you are or “verify” an account/service on their end.

  2. I have received call regarding insurance claim and ask for personal information, hangup and blocked.

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