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Scammers may call from any phone number using spoofing techniques and claim to be from AT&T DirectTV. They request a callback at a given phone number during a recorded message. According to AT&T, the company will never call you and request your account number, PIN, or Social Security number or instruct you to call them back at a given number.

They claim there is an important reminder about your account and that to resolve any issue you should call the phone number.

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  1. This is a scam call from Direct TV that claims to be about my unpaid bill even though I haven’t missed a payment. They want to deceive you, and if you give them the account information they need, they will sue you and leave you feeling helpless.

  2. They want me to call back a number on this scammer’s automated recording. When I called the number back, it appeared to be the real AT&T customer service number, but in reality, it was fake because con artists are very cunning and will employ any technology to make their con seem legitimate.

  3. They pretended to be a legitimate business, but they are not, as they call me five times per day and I am not an AT&T customer.

  4. I called the number because I thought there might be a problem with my auto bill pay account, and even though it appeared to be a real DirectTV customer service number, they asked for personal information from me, which worried me and killed the call.

  5. Thank you, Dialer staff You have reported it, and there are numerous conflicting comments about this phone number on other websites. I believe that con artists go to great lengths to appear trustworthy, and they use phone number lookup websites as a cover for the truth. Many users have reported it as a scam, according to the thousands of comments I’ve read on other websites.

    When I checked the ATT&t website, I discovered that users had been warned about this phone number as well as others that scammers frequently use.

  6. This is a scam because I received the call, read the message, and immediately logged in to my account where everything was in order. If you believe the phone number is legit and want to take a chance, do so even if you want to lose.

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