8557077328 – Time Warner Cable, Spectrum


Caller +1 855-707-7328 claims to be from Spectrum. This phone number was found to be registered to Time Warner Cable by our reverse lookup.


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CA, United States


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  1. I received a phone call from this number and the person on the other end said that they were from Time Warner Cable. They said that I had a package waiting for me and I just needed to provide my address.

    This was a scam. They are trying to get your information so they can steal your identity or charge you for services that you don’t even have.

  2. If you receive a call from an unknown number, it is better to not answer it. These scam calls are usually done by people who want to sell you something or get your personal information.

    A scam call is a call from a person that pretends to be someone they are not and tries to trick you into buying something or giving them money. These calls are often done by people who want to sell you something or get your personal information.

  3. who is this Time Warner, my call filter app shows it is spectrum and reverse look up shows it is some one named Time Warner. Told me to upgrade old device to new one for for, but i am not interested as it looks scam.

  4. called and said they want to enter our house for checking modem so they have an upgrade for the modem and told them i am happy with my old device and no need to worry about my internet speed and hang up.

  5. My debit card has an unauthorized transaction, I contacted Ban and they didn’t provide any details about this charge. When I searched this number in reverse look, it shows someone named Time Warner, is this a real person or a Spectrum employee?

  6. Awakened at six in the morning with a distressing message about changes to my Spectrum account that I had never made and which they wanted me to comply with. After I told them to wait while I logged into my account, they hung up. I believe this to be a scam, and they are after my account information in order to steal my saved credit card details and password.

  7. When I answered the call, a man was speaking in an unidentified language and saying “Heloo Heloo.” I tried to understand what he was saying but he hung up after a pause. I was using the call blocker app and it indicated that the call was on the spectrum and had a lot of spam reports.

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