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  1. The call came in while I was at my office waiting for an incoming call from one of my clients, but after answering, no one could talk. But after I made up my mind to hang up, someone with poor English told me that they had tried to reach me many times and were offering a Low Interest Rate. I refused and told them i do have a loan account with the bank, and when I asked who they are they told me they are from Jefferson Capital Systems so this company is a debt collection agency, not a loan provider. They even do not know what type of service they are providing, so I suspect it is a scam.

  2. I was called 34 times today and blocked the number because I don’t have a student loan, don’t need one, and am not a student. For the first time in my life, I had to download a call-blocking app, and it took me 30 minutes to locate it in the app store.

  3. When I answered the phone, a woman told me that I was in default on my student loan, although I do not have any student loans. I’m not sure how someone can call me for something I didn’t take. These scammers prey on student loners, and if they find one, they harass him and demand negotiation.

  4. I received a call from this number, and it claims to be a debt relief firm that promises to pay off my student loan; however, I must press 1 to speak with a representative. When I hit 1, a man with an Indian accent said my name, asked for my birth date for verification purposes, and said he would pay off the debt if I only paid a few dollars. It appeared to be a good deal, but I was well aware of the hoax.

  5. Hello, Jackel. This is an important reminder from the student loan forgiveness program, and if you wish to continue speaking with our representative, press 1, and if we have reached the incorrect number, press 2. This is a hoax, and the only goal is to obtain personal and financial information.

  6. Hello, Wilson. This is an immediate and total student loan forgiveness or cancellation program, so press one to speak with a representative and press two if we dialed the wrong number. I pressed 1 and there was a guy, and I gave him all the fake details because I was aware of the scam, so after a long conversation, he asked for credit card details, and I told him my credit card was blocked for security reasons, and the guy told me to send the details via WhatsApp to a phone number with +91 country code, indicating that this is an Indian scammer.

  7. One of my friends was told to pay merely 20% of the debt and the case would be closed; he paid the money and lost everything.

  8. I received a voice message with my name on it, and they want me to speak with a fake debt collector.

  9. Arrington

    I have received three calls from student lone scammers, but I will never pick up the phone because I was already warned about it.

  10. I have no debt, and this is the third time they have called, so I have simply blocked the number.

  11. 18662507212: This phone number is spam

    Today, I received a bunch of texts from this number asking whether I needed student lone and, if so, to call (1 504 765 4444), but when I dialed, it hung up.

    After a few hours, I received a phone call from an unknown number requesting document verification, so I hung up and reported it here.

  12. 18662507212: This phone number is scammer

    I’ve been receiving a lot of unsolicited texts from +1 866-250-7212 and making calls about collecting student loans that are past due.

    I have student lone, but when I called the bank, they said they never call customers from this phone number and they never seek for personal or financial information.

    So what I’m sensing is that something is wired about how someone knows I have a student lone and how they know if I’m overdue.

  13. Do not have any student lone and I am also not a student; it is a total scam and I was targeted mistakenly.

  14. I am a student with a student loan, but I pay my instalment every month. How did they know I had a student loan? It appears legitimate at first glance, however after checking with my credit institution, I discovered it was a scam number. They stated that they do call, but they do not request personal information.

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