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Code Red is the community’s emergency alert system (8664195000). If you have registered for the Code Red emergency notification system, you will get phone calls and text messages if an emergency alert is issued in your area. You will receive a robo call or text message if there is a public safety alarm (8664195000).

What should I do if I receive a CodeRED alert?

If you receive a call from CodeRED, you must answer it because there may be an important safety alarm. You must adhere to the CodeRED instructions.
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  1. CodeRed owns this number, but I’ve blocked it since they are unwanted calls and notifications. When they call you, you will find it silent and it won’t hang up, no matter how long you spend listening to them.

  2. It was true that there was a gas leak in my street when I went there, therefore save the phone number in your phone. This is legitimate; never share false comments, and if you do not want to receive such calls from the CodeRed, call the CodeRed and request that your phone number be removed from the alert list.

  3. This phone number is legit and belongs to alert system

  4. This is an emergency alert system from CodeRed, and you may receive a robo call. If you receive a call from someone claiming to be from CodeRed and asking for personal information, hang up.

  5. I am not willing to receive such spam calls and texts, and I have not registered with the company. The government should block all robocalls because scammers primarily use them.

  6. I am also receiving alerts from this number and have it in my contact list, so please preserve this number 1 866-419-5000 in your contact list.

    My buddy told me that he received a hoax call from this number posing as CodeRED and asking for all of my personal information, including my address, bank information, and name.

    Scammers may make fake calls and act as Codred employees to collect information in order to commit fraud, so be cautious. CodeRed sends audio and text alerts but does not call or conduct surveys over the phone.

  7. This is not a scam phone number, and you should respond because there could be an urgent message for you. They send important notifications that must be followed.

  8. Only if you have registered your phone with Code Red is it safe to answer 8664195000. Code red does not request personal or financial information. You may have received a faked call from a scammer if you have not registered your cellphone number with CodeRed.

    If you have already registered with CodeREd, you should store this phone number (8664195000) in your contact list.

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