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Scammers use spoofing techniques and calls from 866-914-5806, which may appear to be a legitimate Spectrum phone number, but it may not be a real number. Scammers are sending the same robocall from a spoofed 866-914-5806 number and requesting a call back to a phone number that does not belong to the spectrum.

Who is Calling From (866-914-5806)

Spectrum uses the phone number +1 866-914-5806 to notify users of any account status changes, such as if you owe money to Spectrum, they will notify you that your account is past due.

Scammers want you to call back so they can obtain your personal and financial information in order to commit fraud against you.

Hello. This is an automated reminder from Spectrum informing you that your account’s status has changed. Call Spectrum immediately in the next 24 hours at 866-910-2806.

If you tried to call the phone number, you might be asked for personal information and credit card information, which could cost you money. Spectrum always reminds customers not to share any personal or financial information with anyone.

Spectrum Alerts from +1 866-914-5806?

If you have a Spectrum subscription, you can receive calls from this number. Spectrum will text you and leave a voicemail for you if there is any information that needs your response. Scammers, on the other hand, can phone you using the same caller ID and pretend to be debit collectors.

How to stop robocalls from (866-914-5806)

Spectrum sends important messages to its customers through SMS and voice messages, so if you do not want to receive such reminders, contact Spectrum and get your number removed from the list.
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  1. This is not spectrum but it a robocall from trans world and they ask for personal information

  2. Spectrum has called about my account and wants me to call back a bogus phone number.

  3. In my situation, it was not a robocall from 8669145806, but a real person who told me there were some security concerns with my account and that I needed to supply them with my name and date of birth to verify it was me. I immediately hung up.

  4. Anonymous

    1 866 914 5806 call claiming to be Spectrum about account asking to call back at same number.
    Called and it was someone trying to sell medical alert type bracelets

  5. Scam phone call from Spectrum; do not divulge any personal information.

  6. I received this automated call asking me to call at 866-914-5806, which is a scammer posing as a debt collector.

    Hello. This is an automated message from Spectrum informing you of a significant change to the account’s status for . Please contact us at 866-914-5806 within the next 24 hours.

  7. Anonymous

    I never answer robocalls because they are frequently used as a tool by scammers to defraud people. We are constantly on the lookout for a solution to these robocalls.

  8. Please notify them that we no longer want these robocalls. Spectrum is simply a bad company because they are heavily targeted by scammers and its mobile numbers are easily spoofed. Scammers can easily send a robocall from this number and we will flag it as a legitimate call.

  9. 8669145806 is a scam, and you should not pick up the phone because it will connect you with a human scammer who will test your credit card for overdue balances and will drain all the money from your account.

  10. Today I received a robo call from 8669145806 saying hi. I am talking with Jeff. There is an issue with your account that needs to be fixed before using any of our services. Please press one if you are available to talk with our representative, press two to request a call back, and press three if we reached the wrong number.

    I pressed 3 and it is still repeating the same message, so I do not think Spectrum calls customers like this, and if there is any issue with your account, you will be notified by text messages and they will direct you to login in to your account and then call customer support.

  11. Kendery Malens

    I also received a call from this phone number (866-9145-806) asking me to press 1 to speak with a live agent, and when I did, my call was diverted to a man who identified himself as a Spectrum support representative.

    He told me that if I didn’t pay the late balance, my account would be disabled for future use. When I told him I was going to pay online through the Spectrum website, he told me that it would take a long time to reflect, but if I pay right now over the phone, I would get a 40% discount.

    I became suspicious and hung off the phone, reported this type of scam to Spectrum.

    I further informed Spectrum how a scammer can only target your clients and how they knew I had overdue balances, and they merely claimed they will speak with higher authorities about it.

  12. Spectrum is making spam calls

    I notified Spectrum about the spam calls, and they removed my phone number from the promotional texts. One thing I’m missing is a reminder for my bill due date, so if you’re willing to take these calls, please pick it up and stay updated.

    Yes, scammers can use spoofing to appear as Spectrum support representatives and ask for personal and financial information, so if you don’t want to lose your money, be cautious and report the number to Spectrum.

  13. You can choose to ignore this call or pick up the phone and listen to the information being provided because it is a robocall from Spectrum offering information about my account. They occasionally give me crucial information about my account that I need to solve.

    Many customers have also reported receiving human calls from <b+1-866-914-5806, and they said that the contact was from a scammer posing as a Spectrum employee and inquiring about past-due invoices.

    Please keep in mind that if you are a Spectrum client and receive a call from an unknown number asking you to pay a past-due bill over the phone, hang up immediately.

    These scammers are attempting to defraud people by asking them about past due bills.

    If the victim agrees to pay the past due over the phone, his personal information and credit card information will be stolen, which will cost him money.

  14. I am a Spectrum subscriber, therefore I am more familiar with the business. My preferred internet service provider is Spectrum.

    Who is calling you from this number

    The company calling you is Spectrum, and the call is a robocall serving as a reminder rather than a human call. These calls to remind me of past due bills occasionally irritate me.

    Additionally, they leave voicemails for clients when there are any important notifications, such as when an outrage occurs.

    Should i answer this call?

    Yes, you can answer the call without risk if it’s simply a voicemail, but if it’s a real caller, you should avoid giving out any personal or financial details. Spoofing is a technique used by scammers to appear to be a legitimate business.

    How do I contact Spectrum by phone?

    If there is anything odd, you should call the company’s official phone number, which is +18332676094. You may occasionally need to verify information with them.

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