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Who is +1 877-258-4825 – Expert Analysis

The phone number (8772584825) belongs to Vitalant, a non-profit organization that collects blood, plasma, and platelets from donors.

If you receive a call from any unknown number asking for personal information such as your social security number or bank account information, be cautious as it could be a spoof call from a scammer.

Be aware of blood donation scam

When we receive calls from blood donation organizations, it becomes difficult for us to refuse donations. However, scammers use our emotions as a tool to commit fraud. Every blood donation organization is not a scam, but we cannot verify every organization’s authenticity through a phone call. We received a report from a user about calls from (8772584825) with the caller posing as Vitalant. The caller informed the user that even if he is unable to donate blood, it is the responsibility of every citizen to donate money to the account of a patient who can purchase blood at the hospital. This user immediately hung up the phone and notified Vitalant via email. The Vitalant response was that they never ask for financial donations or personal information such as social security numbers and addresses.

Is this phone number legit or scam

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  1. Anonymous

    This is the real Vitalant phone number, and they are requesting blood donations. I have already given blood, and they have my phone number, therefore they are requesting it again since there is a needy individual whose blood matches with mine.

  2. William Heredia

    Do not pick up the call; instead, go to the hospital and donate for a needy person. This is a scam call from a con artist who preys on our emotions. After asking for blood donation, they start asking for money. If you refuse, they will harass you.

  3. Lueilwitz

    It is a valid phone number of Vitalant but they call like scammers

  4. Robocall from this number which is a wired voice message. Please donate blood and save lives.

  5. Macejkovic

    They ask for blood donations, but i have already donated blood in the hospital, and i request you guys do not donate to these organizations as they sell 80% of donated blood and 20% of blood goes to charity.

  6. Vitalant is sending voice messages, but they should be aware of the scams being carried out in their name. They should stop making calls, and if someone needs to donate blood, they should call 8772584825 and register for blood donation.

  7. Blood donation scam: 8772584825 they are selling our blood

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