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Santander Consumer is the market leader in automobile financing in European and American countries. Consumer financing for new and used vehicles assists them in achieving car ownership and financial stability.

If you are a Santander Consumer customer with a loan account and you have missed payments, you may receive calls from any phone number.

Santander Consumer USA is being sued as part of a class action suit for alleged violations of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. According to the lawsuit, Santander is also accused of violating its own contracts by charging excessive fees.

Caution: Spoof calls from unknown phone numbers, which appear to be from a scammer, have been reported. Be cautious when answering the phone because the caller pretended to be a debt collector and requested personal information.

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  1. Anonymous

    They called me 32 times last week, and every time they call, my wife barks at me, so there is no way to stop this. I blocked the number, but they continue to call from another number. I have no connection with Santander

  2. Elias Wison

    They claim to be from Santander, but they are not. Santander may have discontinued this number, and scammers have chosen it to commit fraud.

  3. Miles Bip

    Someone pretended to be from Chrysler Capital and left the phone number 8882224227 with a request to call back. I do not have any loan or debt and i have no account with Santander Consumer

  4. Jaxon Handsom

    They call me every day and ask for my account number and social security number, indicating that it is a spoof call.

  5. Jozeb Cameron

    I’ve been having problems with them since 2018. I missed two payments, and despite my repeated assurances that I would pay them at the end of the month, they reposted my car last week. The representative was unconcerned and “apparently noted my account.” I am never and have never been late for anything. They are rude and unconcerned because I don’t have a car! I’ve been with them for two years and they’ve never failed to pay on time! They couldn’t care less. Agents are scumbags, and I’m looking for another car! This business is sloppy and doesn’t care about or keep track of accounts.

  6. SemondPaul

    Yes, phone number is owned by Santander and they use it to harass lone defaulters.

  7. This is phone number +1 888-222-4227 who is calling me and asking for a debt amount, but I do not have any account with them and they call every day. I believe someone has provided my phone number and scammed the bank using my phone number.

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