8883731969 – Claim to be Chase Bank

Chase Bank (Verification Request)

Caller +1 888 373 1969 claims to be from Chase bank.


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New York, United States


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  1. This is a scam. Chase does not call customers to ask for their account number or other personal information. The caller is trying to get your account number and other personal information so they can steal your identity.

  2. The Chase Phone Scam is a phone scam that has been going on for years. The scammer will call you and claim to be from Chase Bank. They will tell you that your account has been compromised and they need to verify your information. They will ask for your account number, PIN, and other personal information.

    What Happens if You Give Out Your Account Number?

    Giving out your account number is not a good idea. It is like giving out your password. You don’t want to give it to anyone, even if they are a legitimate company or bank. You should never give out your account number over the phone or online unless you are absolutely sure that they are who they say they are.

    Scammers are looking for people who are gullible and unsuspecting. They make phone calls to these people, pretending to be from a company and ask for bank account details or personal information.

    There are many ways to spot scams but here are some common ones:

    – If you didn’t initiate the call, don’t answer it

    – Never reveal your personal data over the phone

    – Don’t give out your bank account or credit card details over the phone

  3. I am not happy with the Chase Bank after receiving numerous silent calls from this number, despite banks frequently sending reminders about scams and requests not to answer calls or click any links. I’m not sure if this phone number actually belonged to Chase Bank or not, but I do know that Chase Bank is a responsible bank, and that this number is being used by someone to make spam calls. I received 4 calls from this number today, but no one answered. annoying call from Chase Bank

  4. I recently submitted an application for my card and then received a call from this number. A woman who had a pleasant voice informed me that the call was in reference to my recent application for the verification of my personal information, but I immediately felt uneasy and hung up. When I called the official customer care number, they said they were unaware of the number but that the Chase bank verification department would never request any sensitive information. My online application status shows that it is pending verification, so I believe this call was legitimate and am waiting for the next call from this number. I tried calling the number back, but it keeps getting disconnected.

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