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Always exercise caution and never disclose personal information to callers who claim to be from collection agencies.

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  1. Julian Kl

    They first called me five times per day and instructed me to pay a $5 fee to settle the debt. They then texted me a link and instructed me to click on it and enter the information, which raise my suspicion because the website was not secure. They called me again after a few days and said they would lock my house and freeze my bank accounts. When I called Transworld at 1-888-446-4733, they informed me that it was a scam. I do have a loan, but I make monthly payments. I exhaled deeply in relief.

  2. Hudson JK

    Phone number 888-899-6650 does not belong to TransWorld Systems Inc but it is a legitimate debt collection agency in the United States, and they may call a customer who has a debt and may call from any number to remind them of payment.

  3. Scammers always target people at random, and they sometimes reach people who may have debts by posing as legitimate debt collection agencies and using harassment as a tool to scam people. They first try to persuade you to pay a small amount to negotiate the remaining debt, and if you refuse, they harass you.

  4. I contacted TransWorld Systems Inc and inquired whether or not this phone number belonged to them. They were unable to locate the number and eventually informed me that they could call from any number but would never ask for personal information or make any type of commitment to the customers. They also stated that they never send texts with links and only call customers for reminders.

  5. Lackey Wood

    They make the assertion that they are representatives of TransWorld Systems Inc. and only want money. I must file a lawsuit against them because I have an unpaid hospital bill and they use foul language. I recently learned that they were being sued by the court for attempting to collect debt from individuals in an illegal manner.

  6. Calling me and claiming to be a psycho 8888996650

  7. TransWorld Systems Inc recovers unpaid debts for a variety of companies and industries, including Fortune 100 corporations, national and regional healthcare providers, financial institutions, state and federal government agencies, educational institutions, and small and medium-sized businesses.

    They are con artists who use the vulgar language. They call from VOIP caller IDs as well as personal numbers, and they don’t care about the law. They have to recover money from you and will leave no stone unturned until you settle your dispute, but be careful not to fall victim to scams as their employees are scammers who call from personal numbers and ask for fake settlements.

  8. Christopher

    They are calling from 1-888-446-4733, not TransWorld Systems Inc. I am constantly on the lookout for scammers as well as TransWorld because I owe a small sum of money and they call me every day.

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