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+1 888-899-6650 – Caution

According to our community reports, phone number 8888996650 is impersonating TransWorld, a debit collection agency, and claiming debt settlement and threatening to sue if the debt is not paid. Transworld is a legitimate debt collection agency, but to commit fraud, scammers use spoof calls and pretend to be from any legitimate debt collection agency, so be cautious. Legitimate debt collection agencies will never call you to ask for personal information or to negotiate a debt settlement.

Received a suspicious call from +1 888-899-6650
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  1. I do not owe anyone any money, and I have blocked the number. It is debt collection, but have not stated that it is TransWorld.

  2. called me 5 times today and 30 times yesterday

  3. scam asked me to press one to talk with a real person, do u know who was the real person, it was Indian scammer

  4. I owe money but they are label to harassment law

  5. Texa Tailor

    Silent call from unknown caller

  6. Falto Nafar

    They never identify themselves and only request personal information. They pose as a legitimate debt collection agency, so if you answer the phone, never give them your personal information.

  7. Nikolaj Lie

    They are calling wrong number so they are scam, i have no health debt and no account with any agency

  8. Manuel Jeo

    When I asked who they called, they said they called Jistin and I have no idea who this …  is, and I told them he died and he has no one who can pay the debt.

  9. John Berry

    I do not care who is this whether legit or scam but they called wrong number

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